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3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift with hip fat transfer. When can I start sitting and sleeping on my back? (photos)

I had bbl with hip fat transfer 3 wks ago. I also had liposuction to my abdomen inner/ outer thighs, waist, and banana rolls. I have very minimal... READ MORE

How Am I Supposed to Sleep After Having Tummy Tuck and Bbl Done at the Same Time?

I'm having tummy tuck and bbl done but I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to sleep or relax if I can't lay on my back nor my stomach? READ MORE

Slept on my back after Brazilian Butt lift. (photo)

The day I woke up from surgery I was laying flat on my butt. When I went to sleep the next two night after I was on my back as well because I was not... READ MORE

11 Days Postop from a BBL, When Can I Start Sleeping on my Back Again?

Had a brazilian butt lift done jan.25th when can i start massing the butt and when should i start seing by butt take shape desperate to going back to... READ MORE

Can I Sleep On My Sides Within First Few Weeks After BBL Procedure?

If you are having fat transfered to the hip areas as well as the butt, can you sleep on your sides within the first few weeks? READ MORE

My Buttocks Feel Sore After Brazilian Buttlift?

I have a Brazilian buttlift on (April 18 2012). I am feeling a sore pain in both buttocks; and i am still scared to sleep on my back.Is thi issue a... READ MORE

How Soon After a Bbl Can You Sit? What About if You Have a Tt How Do You Sleep?

I am planning on having a bbl, tummytuck , and arm lift all together and some doctors have told me that im going to be able to sleep on a recliner... READ MORE

Laying on my Sides After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had a BBL 7 days ago and have been laying on my this ok? I know you are suppose to keep completely off your butt for 3 weeks but am I... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post opp, I had Brazilian butt lift, liposuction the back and flanks and a tummy tuck.

1) how long will it take for the stitches to fall out 2) do I need to continue wearing a compression garment 3) I seem to have lost a lot of volume on... READ MORE

How long should I sleep on my side after Brazilian butt lift?

I love my Brazillian butt lift!!! But it's been a week and barely slept. 40 pills of Percocet hasn't cut it. I have back problems and was wondering... READ MORE

Is it ok to lay like this propped up? (photo)

Hello Drs, I had bbl sx on Wed, July 30. Is it ok to lay like this without jeapordizing the fats survival? If I can, I would like to sleep half the... READ MORE

Can Any Doctor Tell Me How Should a Patient Sleep the First Night Immediately After a BBL Operation?

Can any Doctor tell me how should a patient sleep the first night immediately after a BBL operation? The doctor put me on my back, with some towels... READ MORE

Can I Sleep on my Back After Bbl and Tummy Tuck?

I just had a tummy tuck and bbl yesturday july 23. Can I sleep on my back. My dr said I cannot sleep on my side but it seems to hurt while laying on... READ MORE

Recovery (Especially Sleeping) After Aggressive All-around Abdominal Lipo Plus Fat Transfer to Face and Buttocks?

I'm considering aggressive all-around abdominal lipo to harvest enough fat to add volume to my face and buttocks (to repair scars, not for a bubble... READ MORE

Sleeping after BBL/BL/Lipo?

Why is it that Dominca Rebulic doctors having you sleeping on your back after BBL or multiple surgeries but USA doctor are adamant about sleeping on... READ MORE

After Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure, Wont It Be Painfull to Sleep on my Stomach for Two Weeks?

I'm schedule fo surgery in may, to have liposuction and brazilian butt lift, but i;m scare about how much pain i will be in.cause they are saying... READ MORE

How do I sleep after TT and Bbl?

Do I lay on my side or buy a boppy pillow and how do I use this pillow? I know your first response is ask my docter but I'm looking for detail from... READ MORE

Why do some surgeons perform the procedure while the patient is awake or asleep for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I will be getting my bbl done next year hopefully, and I want to know why some surgeons only perform the procedure while the patient is awake or want... READ MORE

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