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Would a Brazilian Butt Look Feminine on a Man?

I mean man's butts are totally different than women's butts. seems to me that man's butt has like a hole on the side of each cheek. Are... READ MORE

What Shape Are my Buttocks?

What type of body/butt shape do I have? Am I good candidate for a brazilian butt lift? READ MORE

Warnings Before Having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Im 21 years old and very petite. I have little stubborn fat around my stomach and on the sides of my waist. I am interested in having the Brazilian... READ MORE

Is 200CC Enough for a Round Butt?

I just had a consult and tried to gain as much weight possible! surgeon said he can do 200 cc each; i guess i can't get a big juicy booty with... READ MORE

400cc Enough for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm getting BBL done and my Dr. said he could only transfer 400cc because of the shape/size of my butt cheeks. Is this too small? READ MORE

How to help shape my butt after fat grafting - 2 months post op? (photo)

2 months post op (TT, BA and Fat grafting to hips and butt) my butt hasnt been completely round for a few weeks now, I blame it on the constant... READ MORE

BBL full recovery time? (Photo)

If I get my bbl done late February early March... Will I be fully recovered in time for bikini season?? (May- June-July-August) ?? Does the shape... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a teardrop shape butt? (Photo)

I would like to know if it's possible to have a teardrop butt shape or an upside heart instead of one that has a shelf shape..I think it'll look more... READ MORE

Square Booties After BBL. Is This Because of the Hole in Most Compression Garments?

After doing some research, I have noticed that some patients who received the Brazilian Butt Lift have a square shaped booty (view from the back) once... READ MORE

Please Clarify the Shapes the Buttocks Can Be Molded/Shaped Into?

There re so many name that the buttocks can be molded in to like a "shelf", etc, although Im having a hard time know the differences. Please explain... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? V Shaped Butt :-/

I am considering a bbl but am worried about my results. I read online that V shaped butts and A shaped butts are the most difficult for this procedure... READ MORE

What is my BUTTOCK-SHAPE? (photo)

I think I have a square buttock... will BBL help me achieve the projection, roundess, etc.? i am 23 yrs old.. 5 ft... 127lbs. I want lipo: - posterior... READ MORE

No Roundness Outcome in BBL? (photo)

I didn't get the roundness I was looking for from my BBL. I see many women right after surgery have round butts. I asked my surgeon he said to give it... READ MORE

I had my BBL 12 days ago and my butt is flat in the center and all the fat is up top. Does the fat drop and shape come later?

I had my bbl 12 days ago my butt is flat in the center and the fat is up top , does the fat drop and shape come later ? Could my results somehow... READ MORE

Could the New Body Lose Its Shape After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am very interested in this procedure, in hopes of reshaping my apple body to an hour glass shape. It possible the body loses the new shape and goes... READ MORE

How long are foams required to stay on and do my foams look alright? I just had lipo/bbl on 11/25/2014 (Photo)

I woke up with foams all over the lipo suctioned areas and compression garment over (black) along with a abdominal corset type (white piece). I love... READ MORE

I've lost all the volume from by buttocks after various procedures. Do I need a traditional BBL for good results? (Photo)

I had tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, lipo and fat gtafting to my buttocks 4 months ago and have lost all volumeto my buttocks...its... READ MORE

Doc, Do You Believe That the Garment Actually Helps the Outcome of the Shape?

Doc, Do you believe that the garment/faja actually helps shape the body and the final outcome of the BBL? We all know that it helps with the swelling... READ MORE

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