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Why Do Doctors in Mexico Use Epidural/sedation Vs General Anesthesia as in US for BBL

Also many message boards of BBL patients claim doctors in Mexico provide a more hourglass figure, larger buttocks and less revision rates. Is this true? READ MORE

Is it Safe to Get BBL with Local Anesthesia While Sedated?

My doctor said that insted of general anesthesia in a bbl hes going to use local and that i will be sedatded. What does that mean? Is it safe? READ MORE

Want a Bbl Done Afraid to Wake in Mid Sx As in the Past. What Causes That to Happen?

When I had my first liposuction done I woke up during sx feeling something pulling at my side so I screamed out " I am up and I can hear you" so they... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Bbl & TT surgery together, under an epidural block with sedation?

Is it safe to have a BBL & TT togetherand under a epidural block with a pill for sedation to sleep? What are the risk if any? & what are the... READ MORE

Deep sedation outside the operating room because of fear?

Requesting deep sedation outside the operating room because of fear ok? READ MORE

Why do some doctors choose to perform BBL surgery under epidural with sedation?

I have a BBL scheduled 3/2/16 in Santo Domingo DR. It is my understanding from all the doctors I consulted with in both DR and Colombia that they... READ MORE

What anesthesia is recommended for Brazilian Butt Lift?

A dr's msg; "We usually use continuous epidural block. Although some patients prefer general anesthesia, it is at the discretion of the... READ MORE

BBL+ Lipo on abdomen, flanks, inner thighs under sedation and local anaesthetic? (Photo)

Hi I am 98kgs, 5'8 ,31 years and will undergo a lipo on abdomen, flanks and inner thighs then fat grafting on buttocks. Is it safe for the above to be... READ MORE

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