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BBL Vs. Fat Grafting to the Butt. Same Thing?

I want a sculpted appearance not exactly a full BBL. I like my projection as it is. READ MORE

Why are the Doctors in the US not as aggressive with BBL's as in other places like Dominican Republic?

BBL's outside the US have amazing results, especially in DR, while pic's of BBL's in the US are not as remarkable. Why is that? do I Need to go to DR... READ MORE

Would I be able to get a hourglass shape if I did a Brazilian butt lift with sculpting to the hips? (photos)

I would like to have a hour glass figure after getting a BBL but don't know if it is possible because of my current shape. I am 5'8 225 pounds. READ MORE

What would you recommend for waist contouring/sculpting?

Recently I have been thinking of getting a more defined waist my waist is somehow defined but I want to define it more or in other words have a... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a brazilian butt lift and fat graft to breast? (Photo)

I would like a larger, fuller, rounder, and more sculpted buttocks. I am hoping I would have enough fat to do so. I would also like to get a breast... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift? Looking to sculpt my body not necessarily lose weight. (photo)

I'm 21 and 5'6". A year ago I was 150lbs and now am at 195lbs. My "goal weight" is somewhere in between 165-185, but I can't seem to get anywhere... READ MORE

Am I too thin for BBL? (photos)

I wish for the biggest booty I can get. How much cc's of fat can be transfered into each cheek according to these pictures? (thisis me). i also wants... READ MORE

Considering Liposuction with fat transfer and sculpting of my buttock area. (BBL) Can I achieve the result I want? (photo)

In the past, I've had an abdominoplasty with muscle tightening. However, I was not happy with the end result of my tummy tuck. Due to the nature of... READ MORE

Which doctor should I choose to achieve that type of butt for Brazilian butt lift? (photos)

Hi , im traveling to miami to do a bbl in november. I know i have to choose wisely my surgeon since brazilian butt lift is kind of sculpting your body... READ MORE

What areas should be lipod? (photos)

I want a nice round/heart shaped booty. What areas do I need lipod to give it that lifted effect. I'm hoping a newly sculpted behind will boost my... READ MORE

Will buttock sculpting get me the same results as a surgical procedure? (Photo)

I've heard about body sculpting and I was wondering would that work. I'm nervous about surgery but want to enhance my buttock. READ MORE

Can someone advice me good doctor.

I just want the best doctor . Who can do breast fat transfer and bbl? I prefer to stay in USA , but I don't like the way they sculpt body . Who can do... READ MORE

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