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How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am a single mother. I am a resident of Mesa, Az and I have been searching abroad for a good deal and a good plastic surgeon. What kind of deal can... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Ask Two Surgeons to Work on You for Two Different Surgeries at the Same Day in OR?

I cant find a surgeon who is good at both and when i find such a doctor He is beyond my lead unaffordable !! Is it okay to ask two surgeons to work... READ MORE

Is it safe to have lipo and BBL procedure on same day as travel?

I will be traveling for 6 hours. First leg of journey is 3 hours, with an hour layover and then another 3 to the DR. is it safe to have a BBL and lipo... READ MORE

Can a Brazilian butt lift, and a medial thigh lift procedure be performed on the same day?

I'm 5'1" my current measurements are 32-26-38. In 2012 I weighed 194, I'm now down to 137. Due to this significant weight loss I'm left with excess... READ MORE

Arnica the day of BBL surgery?

I understand it's recommended to take arnica a couple days prior to surgery, then a week after, but would it do harm or possibly help to take arnica... READ MORE

Can You Remove Butt Implants and Perform a Braziilian Butt Lift on the Same Day?

I have butt implants and want them removed and go with braz. butt lift procd. can this be done at the same time??? READ MORE

BBL & breast augmentation at the same time. Has anyone done it together?

I was told if I do just bbl they can take out 4 liters of fat. If I do together same day the max they can take out is 1 liter. READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift and Rhinoplasty on the same Day? How much is the Costs? In Dominican Republic? (Photos)

Hello, im from Germany and i Would like to have a rhinoplastic and brazilian butt lift in one OP? Is this possible? Im healthy and 21years old! How... READ MORE

BBL and breast lift + implants done in the same day?

Hello, I am 23 years old and have been interested in a breast lift with implants for a LONG time.. I also want to add a BBL. I have had several... READ MORE

Should I have Brazilian Butt Lift and Ultherapy on the same day?

Hello, I have two questions: 1. I am scheduled to have a full-face BBL treatment immediately before an Ultherapy treatment, which will be done only on... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL and a breast augmentation on the same day, by different doctors?

Also, if I were to get them on different days, how long should I wait in between each surgery? Which one should be performed first? I want to make... READ MORE

I'm getting a BBL & Tummy Tuck on the same day in a few months, I need to keep fat for BBL but then what about the TT? (photo)

I am getting a tummy tuck combined with a bbl in a few months, i was asked to keep my fat and not loose to much weight since i am getting a bbl also.... READ MORE

I want a BBL+BA w/lift BOTH done same day.I want curvy booty+big ol'perky boobies 36DD I hate shape of my butt +boobs. (photo)

I need BBL+BreastAug@sametime, sameday out pt surgery w/silicone implants+donut lift,under muscle{probably} I'm 145, 5'7, 29yrs young, 3 kids, 34-36C... READ MORE

Is it safe to fly home the same day you get your BBL drains removed?

I will be having a BBL out of state in August want to know if I can fly home the same day I get my drains removed. My surgeon usually removes the... READ MORE

BBL a few hours ago. Should I change the dressing and clean the garment, or should I leave it in until my follow-up?

I had surgery a few hours ago I'm home and draining my nurse didn't inform on rather I should change the dressing and clean the garment or should I... READ MORE

Is there a waiting list? Trying to do my surgery by next month

I want a brazillian butt fat transfer to my butt and hips ,, also Brest implant ,, I want them on the same day ,, by next month ,, my question is ,, I... READ MORE

Think I messed up my new booty. I have dents in both cheeks - will it stay like this?

I had my sx today and since I'm afraid that my menstrual may come today, I decided to put an underwear on with a pad. The underwear was too small so I... READ MORE

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