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How much will my buttock go down from now (3-weeks post op) until 3 months (final result)? When can I get a revision? (Photo)

Hi, I had a BBL 3 weeks ago and I wanted more subtle results. I am 5'2 small frame. I got 1150 cc in each side. I thought he would do about 500-700... READ MORE

When does fat drop after revision bbl? (photos)

Dent on lower buttock area after revision at week 5 post op. Will dent go away with time once fat settles ? or this means I hv to go back for a... READ MORE

Do I need a revision after my BBL? I'm 14 months post op (Photo)

Would I benefit from a round 2 BBL? I see imperfections from the first BBL. I had it done February 2013. See pictures attached. READ MORE

Had a BBL 5 months ago in Miami and do not see results. Can I do a revision? (Photo)

Please help!!!!!! I can't believe that after all the planning, anxiety and stress b4 the surgery and the 8 days in the hospital for an infection and... READ MORE

I want to know why couple of days after surgery my butt were and still is super soft? (photos)

I had my brazilian butt lift on on 6-5-14 and I noticed that couple of days after my surgery my butt were n still very soft the only hard part is on... READ MORE

How soon after 6 weeks since my last Brazilian butt lift can I have a second BBL performed? I really want bigger hips. (photo)

I asked for most of the fat to be in my hips and the rest in my butt. I do not see much difference, my butt almost looks the same as b4 n I barely... READ MORE

BBL fail...butt has large pockets of droopy fat. What is going on? (Photo)

I had a BBL 6 wks ago. I know it's still too early for a final result, but I can't see this getting any better. It looks A LOT worse now than before... READ MORE

Are lumps, dimpling, irregular contours, fat necrosis and other such complications more likely after 2nd or 3rd BBL?

My 1st BBL was VERY disappointing, but the lipo involved was a disaster. I was very fortunate & found an amazing surgeon who revised & corrected many... READ MORE

When can I get a Brazilian Butt Lift revision? For how long will I have these painful lumps on my lipo areas? (photos)

I had Lipo and bbl in early July and unfortunately im very very very disappointed with my results. Even though my Dr was very nice I feel like he just... READ MORE

PO 20 days, any way to aid reabsorption? When will it get soft? Thigh lipo not done? Should i get a revision? (Photo)

I didnt want hips added & wanted 400 cc max bc i wanted to reshape and have conservative results. Staff claims inner thigh lipo was done but no... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a bbl procedure? (Photo)

I had a bbl done in March of 2014 and I'm gonna have it done for a second time in 7 months but I don't know if I have enough fat. I feel like right... READ MORE

Why is the crease at the bottom of my butt not round after BBL?

I had a bbl 3 weeks ago an i do love the projection but i really wanted the upside down heart shape creases at the bottom, but it still looks boxy... READ MORE

There is a large area flatness in the middle of my butt from day one post op to now 9 weeks post op. Any suggestions? (photo)

I would really like a piece of mind knowing I'm not the only one who sees this considering I paid $9,500.00! There has been a large area flatness in... READ MORE

Do I need surgery or can I fix BBL results with exercise?

After getting Brazilian butt lift done 3 years ago, 3 weeks after, I noticed that 1 of my gluteus became smaller & the other took an awkward shape &... READ MORE

I live in London. Have had a BBL with Dr Hamza. Want reconstruction, with further neck lipo surgery if possible?

I wanted to know if there is any doctors out there that would do a reconstruction on lipo of the waist. I had a brazillian butt lift. The results... READ MORE

How soon after a bbl can I have it redone?

I had my first bbl back in 2010. I'm not sure if the doctors choice of method was wrong as far as the fat placement or if my body just reabsorded... READ MORE

I had a bbl performed 6 months ago. Could I go for round 2? Do I have enough fat, and will my scars go away?

I had bbl done 6 months ago and i lost over 60% of the fat. I am considering round 2 will this be permanent? Will I leave with scaring again? Or do... READ MORE

Is it safe to take my vitamins again after my bbl? Could I have a revision after 4 months? I'm 4 weeks post op at the minute

I am 4 weeks post op bbl today when can i start to take my multivitamins again?? i usually take women's one a day & nature made hair skin & nails they... READ MORE

BBL 2 weeks post-op, when I can drink wine?

Also if you dont like your results can the doctor do a revision ? READ MORE

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