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Gluteal Reshaping How is It Done? (photo)

My butt is square nd i had the bbl done how can i get a gluteal reshaping done READ MORE

Is reshaping possible after a bbl? (Photo)

Got a bbl done almost 1 year ago but seems there is to much fat at the bottom middle n doesn't look to good in jeans or a thong READ MORE

Can the "Dr. Mendieta Technique" Be Done by Another Doctor?

I plan on taking a trip to D.R. for lipo sculpting and bbl or reshaping of my glutes. Question is, can a squared or V shaped bottom, be tucked in... READ MORE

I want my crease to be round at the bottom. Is it possible? (Photo)

I was wondering if my butt crease at the bottom and my buttocks can be reshaped to look more round READ MORE

Would be is it worth it to reshape your butt with less than 500cc per cheek?

Im considering doing BBL. I.m a built guy but my rear end is not my proudest area. Mainly i need to correct some irregularities i have from a previous... READ MORE

Can a BBL help me? (photos)

Can a BBL help reshape my butt without my butt looking like Nicki Manji? I want a natural. Medium size butt......not a big butt!!!!!!! Can a BBL shape... READ MORE

Wondering what I did wrong to end up with a dented left butt cheek after my BBL with fat transfer. Can this be fixed?

Had a BBL fat transfer. After 3 weeks post op I noticed my left butt cheek has dented in. Looks like my bum reshaped but not enlarged much at all. I... READ MORE

Questions about the BBL. I'm 5'5", 128 lbs & considering getting the Brazilian butt lift done (Photo)

How many lbs would i have to gain and can i reshape my body? or is that a whole different procedure that i have to pay for seperately? i dont want to... READ MORE

After a BBL, can you be reshaped?

I requested the wrong type of shape I was going for and now I look dumpy because I thought what I was requesting was what I wanted. Come to find out... READ MORE

I plan on getting a BBL in three months. I want to know if my expectations are realistic? (photo)

I have a larger figure, I am 5'10. I also have a lot of muscle in my buttocks, and legs. My buttocks is squarish in shape. I desire a large bbl, I... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift price and recovery - Houston, TX? (photos)

I have a 9 month baby and have no family around here to help me with her but my husband! I want to re-shape my figure but not sure If I can make it... READ MORE

Can BBL help reshape my cliff butt?

I am a plus size woman with an proportional figure. The only downside is I have a cliff butt. Can this be fixed with a BBL? READ MORE

Will this work as a garment I had my lipo /bbl june 3 Will it be to tight in the butt also will tightness kill fat? (photo)

I was recommend by my sergen to get a smaller gardment I had lipo on my stomack flanks and inner thighs alot of my fat transfer has died my hips are... READ MORE

I'm looking for a surgeon in Europe who specializes in BBL surgery on slim women. I've heard it can be done?

As you can see I have no shape, is there anything that can be done? All my weight goes to my face and arms never in the areas usually preferred. READ MORE

Am I able to have a BBL w/12 lipo areas? (Photos)

I'm a 45 yr old mother of 5. I've had a TT in 2009 and in 2011 very conservative lipo of the arms, hips, thighs, flanks and supposedly my back... READ MORE

BBL; no thigh liposuction?

I am slim but want a subtle improvement / reshaping - there is no way I am having liposuction on my thighs, I already have stretch marks there and... READ MORE

Buttock reshaping/BBL? (Photo)

Hello. So I have been lurking on realself for quite a long time, trying to figure out whether there's hope for me. So my case, I am a bodybuilder with... READ MORE

Am I too big for fat transfer?

Hi. I really want to transfer fat from my tubby, love handles and inner thighs to my breast and buttocks. I am 4stones over weight but I don't want to... READ MORE

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