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Thinking about traveling to Columbia for a BBL?

I have found a surgeon by the name of Dr. Frank Lamadrid on Instagram, he is on other social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but not Realself.I am... READ MORE

What country specialize in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I'm literally doing so much research but would like to know where the best place is for a brazilian butt lift surgery thats not massively expensive... READ MORE

Top heavy plus size. Considering large volume Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photos)

Hi, i'm 5'3, 26, & no kids. Was 180-220 then shot up to 300+. I am down to 280 and plan on losing more. I am HAPPILY plus size with no serious... READ MORE

What's the approximate death rate for women from complications after Brazilian butt lift?

I am in the process of researching doctors to schedule a BBL. There are a lot of scatted news articles reporting death following a plastic surgery... READ MORE


After some research on the BBL, I have become convesant with some of the after surgery effects so I am prepared on how to handle them. What warning... READ MORE

I'm researching BBL. I'm out of state, how long do I need to stay? Also, is there a recommended diet to lose weight?

I'm researching BBL. When out of state, can my husband stay in a recovery house/facility w/me? Do I need to stay until I receive PO massages, can any... READ MORE

Anti Depressants (Zoloft) and Lipo/BBL surgery. Is taking anti-depressants ok or would one need to get off of them beforehand?

I have been taking zoloft for a little over a year now and have been thoroughly researching the lipo sculpting/bbl procedures... but I'm wondering... READ MORE

Is There Research Moving Towards Being Able to Do Butt Injections of Fat with a Donor's Fat?

There are a lot of women who want to get butt injections of fat instead of implants (due to the different results). However, smaller women don't have... READ MORE

Are drains recommended after BBL?

I have been researching the BBL procedure and have heard very different opinions regarding whether drain tubes should be used after the BBL procedure.... READ MORE

Apart from asking my doctor directly which I have,were can I find my doctors credentials? I'm based in the UK please help?

I'm 5,7 158lbs eat well exercise, I'm curvy with big breasts, I just want a bigger projecting bottom, I'm due for my BBL in feb 2014. I have Asked my... READ MORE

What does "a candidate for membership to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons" mean?

I am getting ready to schedule consultations for a BBL in the Raleigh area and was researching doctors when I came across a doctor who stated on his... READ MORE

Is there a Brazilian butt lift alternative without fat transfer? (Photos)

I don't like my saggy butt. I would like to get a lift but without the fat transfer just to get a round nice shape. I have a lot of fat on my butt,... READ MORE

Would a Brazilian butt lift be suitable? (Photos)

Basically I would like a larger butt. However the research I've done makes me think a bbl is a lot better than implants. However I'm quite skinny (uk... READ MORE

Need a Great BBL PLastic Surgeon in Miami

I've been doing research for at least 6 months now for . Not sure if I can even trust the pictures on this site and if they were really performed by... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift or butt implant? (photos)

I've been doing some research on BBL and butt implants, I like the fat transfer better because of the lower risk of infection and without possible... READ MORE

Will a BBL procedure minimize "saddlebags"? (photos)

I am interested in having a BBL procedure and have been researching board certified and experienced surgeons and checking out the before and after... READ MORE

The Brazilian Butt Lift with bad results?

I live in Europe and the BBL is not common here at all, this is why I am planning to travel all the way to the US to get the procedure done. Now, this... READ MORE

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