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Butt Reduction Touch Up After BBL?

I am now 3 months post BBL but my butt is definitely too big for my frame and it makes me look fat, although I just wanted a better shape. I want to... READ MORE

How can I make my butt smaller after having had a brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I am 9 months post op and recently i have felt that my butt is too big for me. I no longer feel proportional because as i have lost weight, my butt... READ MORE

Buttock reduction, after Brazillian Butt Lift. (photo)

I had a Brazillian Butt Lift over a year ago, and think it is too big, it looks like a shelf, which I did not want. Do you suggest liposuction as... READ MORE

Can I Get a Touch Up to Reduce my Butt After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi, I got a BBL 10 weeks ago and I am not satisfied with the shape and the size, it is too big for my body frame. Is it possible to get a reduction,... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period of butt reduction surgery?

I had a BBL 6 months ago and I am completely unhappy with my results. My butt is way too big for my size. I am considering having some of the injected... READ MORE

Top of buttock too high after Brazilian butt lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am trying to find a doctor who can perform a reduction of the top of buttock only. has anyone performed this procedure where I can view images of... READ MORE

I want a waist, inner thigh, saddlebag, and love handle reduction. What procedure would work the best for me? (photos)

I'm 18, 5'7" and 127 lbs. I eat very healthy. I am considerably content with my body. I want a few things changed. I already have a darn good shape,... READ MORE

Can i request my breasts as an area for lipo with my Lipo/brazilian butt lift procedure without additional costs? (photo)

Can i request my breasts as an area for lipo with my Lipo/brazilian butt lift procedure? My surgeon gave me a quote that included 12 areas can my... READ MORE

Why has my butt gone down dramatically, almost to how it was before surgery?

I'm two weeks post op bbl surgery. At first it looked big and I could see a difference. But now, two weeks later it looks like it has gone down. I put... READ MORE

How much size reduction can I expect after 9 weeks post Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm am currently 9 weeks post BBL and my butt is still way toobig. I know I won't see the final results until 6 months but can I expect much of a... READ MORE

Best way to sleep after tummy tuck, breast reduction, Lipo and BBL?

I am curious as to how people are sleeping when they have a TT, BR, Lipo, and BBL at the same time. Is there a special pillow I can buy? Special... READ MORE

Will working out help me slim my hips and butt or do I need some type of butt reduction? I dislike my BBL results

I had a BBL done a 1 year and 7 months ago, I dislike how big my butt and hips are. I don't look proportioned and feel insecure. Before surgery, I... READ MORE

Reduce waist or increase hip size. (photos)

I'm started working out and I'm loosing the shape around the hips. I want to know if there's a procedure to increase the size of the hips, make it... READ MORE

Can I get 3 procedures done at the same time?? (photos)

I am intrested in BREAST reduction tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift .I have had 4 kids in 5 years and now my body is a hot mess.HOW LONG IS USUALLY... READ MORE

Can a doctor tell me if I look to be a good candidate for a BBL and breast reduction? (Photo)

A mother of 5 I'm looking to transform my body. Have been on RS for a couple years now. Finally wanting to find the best doctor to perform my surgery.... READ MORE

Good candidate for BBL and breast reduction or lift? (Photo)

I know I want a bbl, but I am unsure if I should consider a lift or a breast reduction. I want smaller perky boobs . And a nice but with some hips READ MORE

I want a BBL, breast reduction and arm lift? Which should I get first, and which should I get last?

It's better on my pockets to pay for one at a time and also I don't want to endure all of that pain at once. I am also going to one doctor for my BBL... READ MORE

Would you suggest a BBL grafting fat from my body? Or just a breast reduction to a small c or the largest b cup? (photo)

I'be always wanted a butt I have plenty of breast, I just feel out of proportion. I have one child (c-section). I'm currently working out. Going in to... READ MORE

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