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Should a Board or Plate Be Worn Under Compression Garment After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi! I have been reading in a few of the ladies reviews that they wear some type of board of plate under their garment after the surgery. Is this... READ MORE

Why in DC Are Doctor's Charging $17,000 and Up for a BBL when My Gastric Sleeve Was That Price?

According to most of the Doctor's on here they say that if done right a BBL is not a very risky procedure. The Gastric Sleeve is pretty risky. All... READ MORE

Bbl and Garments. Reasons For Doctor Recommending Different Types?

What is the reason that some dr, Reccomend the garments with the buttocks exposed while others choose the regular garment that squishes your butt and... READ MORE

Why Does the Fat Removed from Lipo Have to Be Processed Before Used in the Bbl?

I was told some dr. Process and purify the fat prior to using it in the bbl. I recently read of a DR. that does not. Is this unorthodox and is it... READ MORE

How come my body looks the same after surgery? (Photo)

So I got lipo on my back and fat grafting into my butt but even after surgery my back and butt still looks the same what do u think k is the reason... READ MORE

Getting a Bbl Does the Price Depends on How Much Fat is Taking or Being Use from the Body?

Cuz ive been look at reviews and seein that clients r not paying full pricing for this proceedure and jus wondering? READ MORE

Why is there such a gap in pricing for BBL? I see anything from $4000 to over $10,000?

Plus I see the less expensive doctors reviewed more frequently, with the more expensive reviewed rather infrequently. I hope I am not paying more READ MORE

Belly button changed after lipo from innie to outie. Is this normal and why did this happen? (Photo)

I had a bbl donee out 14 months ago with lipo to my abdomen . I always had a innie belly button and loved how it looked prior to my lipo. Now it... READ MORE

After BBL and liposuction in 12 areas, why do I still look the same as before I did the procedure? (Photo)

I had my procedure done on the 2nd of november and i have yet to see any change. I hate looking at myself because i feel like i have wasted my money. READ MORE

My fat rolls have returned weeks after lipo/BBL. Why did this happen?

After my BBL my stomach and back were flat as a board. Now my back rolls are coming back and my stomach is bulging out a little. Why is this... READ MORE

Passing out after Brazilian Butt Lift?

Why do so many women report fainting/passing out following their BBL surgery? I am a nurse and have never observed this in any post surgical patient,... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post opp from a BBL. I'm wondering how come I lost so much fat already? (Photo)

I take direction extremely well from my dr. I have not once sat on my butt yet. I sleep completely flat on my tummy every night. I understand that you... READ MORE

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