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Do You Think I Can Get This Look with the Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Im 5'1 & weigh 162 pounds. I want a rounder butt & a small waist. I want to lipo my arms, tummy area, my upper/lower back (rolls and love... READ MORE

Getting BBL, Liposuction, and Fat Transferred to Hips? (photo)

So I've taken some picture of myself and edited them how I wanted to look. I want 2000cc in each cheek...or is that too much? Can someone tell me how... READ MORE

Are my Wish Pics Realistic for my Body Type? (photo)

Hi, I'm between 5'8 and 5'9 and weigh 214lbs. I am 20 years old and I haven't had any children. I spoke with a doctor and was advised to lose 30lbs... READ MORE

I Have a Budget of $6,000 or Less, is This a Realistic Goal for a Good Bbl?

Well I am a recent graduate of med sch. And mother of three. Needless to say I'm on a budget. However I do not take the cheap way out when it... READ MORE

Am I being unrealistic? Is it possible to look like this with my body type? (Photo)

I want to get a BBL. Is it possible to get a butt like these and a small waist as well. I am about 5ft 2 and weigh 145 pounds. If its possible to look... READ MORE

Considering Fat Injecton into the Booty, is it Possible to Get Big Results?

I want to have fat grafting since it is the safest way. but how quick can the fat be dissolved in the body and is it possible to have a big size booty... READ MORE

5'3 150lbs Are 35-25-40 (Or 45) Realistic Bwh Measurements Goals for After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm not sure what kind of bwh measurements I should set as my goal for after a bbl. I want a smalls waist (that fits shirt sized s/m) and large... READ MORE

Drastic Changes Brazilian Butt Lift, Without Unnatural Appearance?

I'd like the biggest butt possible, with an appealing shape, without it being obvious I had work done. Implants aren't ideal as i hear they... READ MORE

How Realistic Is My Desired Outcome For BBL? (photo)

I have been considering a BBL with lipo and i want 700cc's each. i am 195lbs and believe this is possible as I have much fat to supply. A friend... READ MORE

I Want to Know What is a Realistic Expectation for a Fat Graft to my Buttocks? (photo)

My dream body would be something that looked like Kim Kardashian. I want wide hips and a big bum but I was wondering what type of results I should be... READ MORE

Are my goals/expectations realistic? (Photo)

My pictures (taken today) are the first pictures . And the pictures following are wish pictures . Are any one of these realistic goals for me. Can it... READ MORE

Is lipo and bbl realistic for me to obtain my wish pic body? (Photo)

I'm a 43 year-old mom of 2. I've always had thick thighs but always had a flat butt with cellulite. I am not looking to have a video vixen body but I... READ MORE

Are the Results I Want Realistic? (photo)

I am 23 with 2 kids I do plan to have more. I'm obsessed with big booty I originally wanted the implants but i feel the skin on my butt is very thin... READ MORE

Is this BBL wish pic realistic for my body? (photos)

I'd like a tiny waist and a nice full heart shaped butt. Can I achieve this after bbl? READ MORE

Good Candidate? BBL? (photo)

I have been thinking about BBL for a few years and have been to several consults and I have heard anything from you have enough fat to inject 650ccs-... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Get Me Desired Results? (photo)

I am unhappy with the extra fat in my midsection. My extra back fat is depressing and my stomach sticks out farther than my butt does. I am concerned... READ MORE

Help, is my Wish List Possible? (photo)

I'm interested in having BBL, is it possible to make my waist smaller and somehow enhance the thighs? I'm looking for more of an hour glass shape!?!?!? READ MORE

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