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Pros and Cons of Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to know the risks involved with Brazilian butt lift and the pros and cons READ MORE

I Considering Gettin Butt Injection and How Long Does It Last.

Well iam 42 and i want to get injections but what is safe. Also how much does it cost and how long will it last. READ MORE

How Do Fat Cells Effect the Amount of Lipo for a BBL? Also Why Drains? (photo)

I'm 33, 5'4", 126lbs, BMI 22%. I'm confused on the amount of fat needed for me. Some doctors say I need to gain weight (12-30lbs) while other Dr.s say... READ MORE

Drains After Bbl. What is Your Opinion?

I have had several consults for bbl. 2 docs use drains postop, 2 do not. Both had good results. What are the real advantages? What are the risks if... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Good Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor?

How can I find a doctor who is an expert in Brazilian Butt Lift in Prague? What are the things should I consider? READ MORE

Can I have a Brazillian butt lift with local anesthesia? (Photo)

I want to do a brazillian butt lift to shape my butt and give a more hourglass silhouette... I'm extremely nervous to go under general so i want to do... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons using the drains after BBL surgery?

Im a bit worried if the drains are neccessary. I ponder about infection. I see where some doctors uses them and others dont. READ MORE

Can a Good Surgeon Tell Me What is the Best, Safest, Cost Effective Way of Getting a Buttock Aug?

Ok so I know implants and the Brazilian but lift thing I want my but bigger and fuller, I want to be told exactly what's better between the two, I... READ MORE

I have considered BBL to fix this mess I'm left with. Does the fat stay or do we then get bumpy? (Photo)

I never said I wanted volume taken out of my gluts. I had a perky round butt before. I asked about smoothing under and on hip area. A surgeon asked... READ MORE

Who is best for BBL, a doctor who is certified by ABPS, or ABS?

Considering BBL, when choosing a Doctor, what are the pros and cons of choosing a Doctor who is Board- certified by the American Board of Plastic... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Bbl & TT surgery together, under an epidural block with sedation?

Is it safe to have a BBL & TT togetherand under a epidural block with a pill for sedation to sleep? What are the risk if any? & what are the... READ MORE

Can you get cancer if you lipo your fat from your stomach, sides,& back to your breasts and butt? What are the cons?

Fat Transfer to my butt and Breasts. I am 5'5 1/2 weighing about 140-145 pounds. I am thinking about getting lipo from my sides, back, and stomach to... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of Brazilian Butt Lift before having children?

Im a 25 year old female, in good health, im 5'3 and weight about 130 lbs. Ive been thinking for sometime now about BBL but one thing has always... READ MORE

What are the risks & rewards of BBL drains/best compression garments?

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Having Drains After A BBL & What Are The Best Garments In Your Personal Opinions Based On Getting The Best Possible... READ MORE

Why do some Plastic Surgeons use drains & others don't?

I noticed that some Plastic Surgeons uses drains an others don't. What are the advantages to having drains as oppose to not using drains. What are the... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of waiting until after I have a child? Do I need a Tummy tuck or lipo? (photos)

I am 31 with 1 child. 5'6 and 165 lbs I am considered a tummy tuck, bbl, and breast implants. I'm really hoping lipo is sufficient and a tummy tuck is... READ MORE

Are massages beneficial or detrimental in any way to lipo and BBL recovery and long term results?

This is a two prong question; I realize that some doctors recommend massages and others don't. I want to know if it really is a big deal to get or not... READ MORE

What would be the drawbacks if I decided not to get a tummy tuck and just lipo and fat transfer to buttocks? (Photo)

What would be the draw-backs if I decided not to get a tummy tuck and just lipo and fat transfer to buttocks? READ MORE

Liposculpture, contour, liposuction or enough for BBL? (Photos)

I'm looking for advice on who to go to for this type of procedure, or pros and cons about it I'm a mommy of two and I have my trouble areas that just... READ MORE

What are the Pros and Cons of being the first patient for a surgeon to perform a multi procedure (TT/BBL)??

I have done a lot of research and narrow my surgeon by ABPS Certified, outstanding reviews and years of experience. During consultation he went into... READ MORE

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