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Nicki Minaj&K.Michelle Booty is It Possible? (photo)

I'm considering getting a bbl with hopes to get at least 1200 cc's in each cheek to look like K.Michelle. At the moment I am 23yrs 5'4 150lbs 34-30-41... READ MORE

When does fat drop after revision bbl? (photos)

Dent on lower buttock area after revision at week 5 post op. Will dent go away with time once fat settles ? or this means I hv to go back for a... READ MORE

5"8' 130lbs, want my "violin" shaped hips fixed. I also want a tiny waist w/ a booty & projection. Candidate for BBL? (photos)

I am a mother of 2 and since I have had my kids my violin shaped hips have gotten worse. I am ready to get a small waist, round hips, and a nice round... READ MORE

What Can a BBL Accomplish for Me? (photo)

Hello i am a plus size woman 5'6" 200lbs+ but i carry it well. I do have fullness to my bottom but would like more projection and more of a heartshape... READ MORE

Is 435cc of Fat to Each Butt Cheek Enough to See a Difference?

I am 29 yrs. old, I stand 5'3, and i weigh 135lbs. I had a bbl 4 days ago. I was told by my doctor that I could take a shower, and that is when I... READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Effect if Fat Can Be Transfered?

I had butt implants 10 yrs ago & had them REMOVED 2 days later, I accumulated a $150,000 hospital bill & almost died from infection. I had 4... READ MORE

Is 1200cc Pre Cheek Good for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I want a brazilian butt lift but I would like a good amount to have a nice projection and fluffiness too it? READ MORE

Can someone explain to me why I lost my projection so fast (in less then 3 months)?

I had my procedure done 9 weeks ago and I was very happy with the size I got. Then the projection started to shrink and now I am seeing less and less... READ MORE

Would like a Brazilian Butt Lift and Gluteal Fold: advice? (photos)

Hi, my weight is 155 lbs, and I am 5 feet 6 inches. I want a brazilian butt lift. I am looking for a good surgeon. I also want nice butt creases. I... READ MORE

How curvy can I get my body to look? Surgery jan 13 should I gain more weight for what I want? (photo)

I want a shapely figure, I have no hips at all and lil projection! I'm 5'2 155 lb. lipo of waist,bra roll, entire abdomen and lower back. I have a... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a bbl procedure? (Photo)

I had a bbl done in March of 2014 and I'm gonna have it done for a second time in 7 months but I don't know if I have enough fat. I feel like right... READ MORE

I'm a 21 year old female with very narrow hip bones. I want a round butt with projection. Would a BBL be good for me? (photos)

I am a 21 year old female I have very narrow hip bones and my butt is not as round as I would like also I don't have much projection I grew up eating... READ MORE

Is it possible to perform a BBL in a patient that had silicone injected and has NOT had problems/complications? (photo)

I had silicon 1000 injections earlier this year & I'm interested in a bbl. I haven't had complications but I am wondering if I am still a candidate?... READ MORE

I have no fat left for a Brazilian Butt Lift revision to fix my contour irregularity. What is the next option? (photos)

I had a bbl 6 months ago. However, too much fat stayed at the top. The top has more projection and its doing a weird dip in the middle. I have no fat... READ MORE

i had a Brazilian buttlift 2 weeks ago.. its nice & full but seems to be flat from the side view

Is this something i will have to get a revision on? i know i am still very early probably to tell but it's making me nervous that i got more of a full... READ MORE

BBL Done Under Local IV Sedation? (photo)

Finally able to upload pics.. So as I stated in previous questions, 1) am I a good candidate for huge projection with a BBL(I weigh 176 pds,5'0- i was... READ MORE

Can I Achieve a Dramatic Projection with 600cc?? (photo)

I want a big butt. I just dont understand why they can give me a really big butt if i have enough fat. My Dr. Told me that he just put 600cc to... READ MORE

Is One Month Too Early to See the Projection of my BBL?

I had my bbl about one month ago, is it too early to see the projection? When will all the swelling go away? And if I need a touch up, is the pain... READ MORE

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