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Bbl on oct 27 - 3 weeks op - it's starting to look like I'm losing my butt.

What can I do to prevent this problem??? And is my fat gonna expand??? READ MORE

I have mild Von Willebrands. Can I take Stimate (desmopressin) and Heparin injections`/

I'm having aggressive lipo and BBL May 5th. my hematologist has instructed me to take a nasal injection one hour prior to surgery and then twice a day... READ MORE

BBL seroma problem (Photo)

Bbl 1-5-16 I ended up getting two seroma pockets near my belly button I had them drained twice after the second time they went away now I am left with... READ MORE

I am interested in getting the BBL. I've had 2 pregnancies, both c-sections. Would that cause any problems?

Im 5'4 176lbs not too much fat in stomach area mainly in thighs in butt area and breast due to breast feeding. Size 10 in women jeans medium shirt READ MORE

BBL 4 weeks out and I see a dimple coming back, should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had liposuction, tummy Tuck, and bbl a month ago . It got rid of the dimples i had on my butt. I noticed a dimple I had before my bbl is coming back... READ MORE

23 year old girl living in Belgium: Butt is bigger, but still flat. (Photos)

I always wanted to do a BBL and now that I finely did it I'm not sure if that was a good idée. Because my butt is a little bit bigger but it's stil ... READ MORE

Can jeopardize my results? BBL has gone down a little. (photo)

I did my bbl out of state I was uncomfortable laying down so I was doing plenty of walking and also I had some car rides right after my surgery to get... READ MORE

Will a plastic surgery Doctor in my state see me if I have surgery out of the country?

I am having plastic surgery in DR. How can I find a Post- op doctor in the state of Virginia (Virginia Beach) who I can see if any problems occur. I... READ MORE

I have a Skyla. Would it cause any problems with the surgery?

I have an IUD implant called the Skyla and I was just wondering if that would either cause any problems firming the surgery, or if I would have to get... READ MORE

Unusual 'dents' post Brazilian Butt lift, what could they be? (Photos)

What do you think these dents on my ass post BBL? They're in the same spot either side and my friend who had a bbl done the same day has the same... READ MORE

Should I be having pain in buttocks 4 months post-op?The pain just started a couple weeks ago. What could it be?

Having pain in buttocks 4 months post up BBL. I have been recovering with no problems then all of a sudden this pain comes out of nowhere in both... READ MORE

Will an abnormal ECG hinder me from getting my BBL? (Photo)

My EKG reads, sinus rhythm, Probable left atrial enlargement and prolonged QT interval. I attached the picture of my EKG so you can see the timing of... READ MORE

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