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Can More Fat Be Reabsorbed Even After One Year?

Hi I am thinking about getting a BBL done but recently became very concerned about the fat that is reabsorbed, I understand that some of it will. But... READ MORE

Burns, are they actually from the fajas?!

I have read many reviews on here where girls state they received burns from wearing their fajas. I googled this issue to read more about it and can... READ MORE

Can I Do Butt Exercises Post BBL to Build Muscle Prevent Sagging and Make Butt Bigger?

I had a bbl 7 weeks ago. Very happy with results and now I am thinking long term Can I do butt exercises now to increase the size of the muscle to... READ MORE

If You Lose Volume After a Bbl, will Your Butt Be Uneven?

So i understand that u can lose volume...but will the results be uneven or is this prevented? READ MORE

Is There Anything You Can Pre Op to Help Avoid Seromas?

I am looking for advice, if there is any, on how to prepare yourself to help avoid seromas from after surgery? READ MORE

Feeling like my BBL is shrinking in this garment. What can I do to prevent it from shrinking?

How tight is my Faja supposed to be? I feel like my bbl is reducing because my faja may be too tight. I just had surgery 5 days ago and it seems like... READ MORE

Lost of volume after a year?

I HEAR YOU CAN LOSE ABOUT 30 TO 50% of volume after a BBL how true is that? and is there anything that can be done besides sitting a lot to help... READ MORE

What is Recommended Post-operatively Other Than Rest and Do Not Sit on Your Butt?

Deep breathing and coughing exercises, to prevent post surgical complications? Or the surgery isn't that serious and it's not necessary? Walking a... READ MORE

What are the chances of a fat embolism happening during brazilian butt lift surgery?

I wanted to know what are the chances of a fat embolism occurring during the brazilian buttlift procedure , what do you to prevent it from happening .... READ MORE

How can you avoid getting a Seroma or Necrosis after a BBL?

What are the chances someone develope a Seroma or Necrosis after a BBL and how can it be avoided? READ MORE

How or why do some people lose fat after having fat transfer to their buttocks ?

Hello , I have been looking at different pictures of befores and afters of a Brazilian Butt life/fat transfer. And I noticed that some women starts... READ MORE

Is there anyway for drs and patients to prevent fat embolisms or blood clots during and after fat transfer to buttocks and hips?

Also, what infections are most common and dangerous in patients after fat transfer to buttocks? How can infection be prevented ? Is there anything... READ MORE

BBL- What are DVT's or PE's and how will prevent them from happpening?

I'm considering the BBL surgery and i was reading the risks, i couldn't help but notice the DVT's or PE's. Is it possible to prevent? thanks READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Loose/sagging Skin from Liposuction for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How can I prevent loose/sagging skin from liposuction other than losing or gaining weight 6 months prior to and after surgery? Does long-term drinking... READ MORE

Why do some patients develop burns after liposuction? Can it be prevented?

I am scheduled for a Brazilian butt lift in the fall. I was wondering why some patients develop (sometimes serious) burns on their abdomen after... READ MORE

Interested in brazilian butt lift, afraid of liposuction burns

Why do burns during liposuction happen ? Whose fault is this. ? How can it be prevented ? I am planing of doing bbl but afraid of lipo burns ? READ MORE

Is there something I can do to prevent fluid build up after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello, i will be getting my BBL in August and i am wondering if there is anything i can do or take before my surgery so that i wont have any or very... READ MORE

Is there anything prior to my surgery I can do to help prevent stretch marks on the butt area when having a Brazilian bitt lift?

I am going to be have a few procedures done to my body one of them being a Brazilian butt lift in March. I have noticed that some patients to have a... READ MORE

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