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What Garment to Use Post BBL? Worried Mine Is Too Tight. (photo)

Im 16 days post-op. Wore garment for 5 days post-of & it came off on day 6 due to circulation problems in stomach. On day 14 it was back on but i... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I was told I can not apply pressure or sit on my butt for 2 months. Any suggestions?(photo)

The cyclinder shaped Pillow the Dr. recommended is causing numbness in my thighs and is uncomfortable. Please tell me there is another recommended... READ MORE

After BBL Doesn't the Very Tight Compression Garment Add Unwanted Pressure to Fat Cells?

BBL patients are instructed not to sit, some docs also say not to bend to avoid unwanted pressure on fat cells but doesn't the very very tight... READ MORE

Will a donut cushion be enough to not put pressure on my butt while driving, after BBL?

Hi my BBL and fat transfer to the hips is soon and my surgeon as shown me how to sit an lay and when driving after two weeks after surgery,he said not... READ MORE

Will Kneeling or Leaning Forward on an Object Negatively Effect the Results of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will kneeling or leaning forward on an object negatively effect the results of Brazilian Butt Lift? Im 4 days post op and I noticed its a lot less... READ MORE

Will the Compression Garment Destroy my Newly Transplanted Graft to my Hips?

I'm going to have a BBL with Outer hips (I need a serious hourglass). Just wondering if the compression garment is going to apply too much pressure to... READ MORE

For a BBL, I understand you have to keep pressure off your butt for recovery. Do you have to lay on your stomach or sides?

Do you have to lay on your stomach, or can you lay on your sides? If not, can you lay on your back during recovery if pressure is off your butt? I'm... READ MORE

I had fat transfer for BBL. Need to know what type of clothes to wear? (Photo)

I'am already in a corset... So just need to know what type of pants I can wear? My doctor said no underwear for 3 months and I'm OK with that. Just... READ MORE

How Long Will Rectal Pressure Last?

I had vaginoplasty and a brazillian butt lift 3 days ago with an excellent surgeon. I am off pain medications, but am experiencing continuos rectal... READ MORE

I have a driving job. How long do I need to stay out of work and do the pressure from sitting all day ruin results?

Driving for 12 hours a day is a lot of pressure. What will happen after my bbl?? Will driving for 12 hours a day ruin my butt results after the bbl? READ MORE

Stretching after BBL procedure and numbness.

Hi! I was wondering if it's ok to stretch after a bbl? My lower back is sore and light stretching feels real good. When I do lay on my back with... READ MORE

Driving 8 days after BBL. Will I do a lot of damage to my new butt?

Hello, I was wondering if it's safe to drive after 8 days of having no pressure to my bum. I drove a little bit today and I will be returning to work... READ MORE

Two questions regarding pressure on the buttocks after Brazilian butt lift

#1. Will you do harm during #2 time in the bathroom? and #2. What happens if I roll over in my sleep? I sleep on both sides, back and stomach. Luckily... READ MORE

Can bending over frequently 1 week post-op hinder fat survival results after a BBL?

I am a week post op and feel so much better than expected. I am active and walking around the house whenever possible and take breaks throughout the... READ MORE

Putting a foam roller under your thighs?

Keeping your butt from having pressure applied to it on my flight home good after a bbl? READ MORE

How long after a BBL is it OK to put pressure on your butt? Is snow skiing 7 weeks after a BBL a bad idea?

I'm 2 weeks post op and my butt looks good but has been shrinking a lot. I only got 500 cc's per side and have not sat after sx. Please advise if it... READ MORE

Which is a better garment?

Why do some choose the garment with the Lyra on the butt cheeks? It seems like that would apply additional pressure to the area. Doesn't that kill the... READ MORE

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