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What Type of Clothing Should I Wear After Getting Surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Im gettin a brazilian butt lift on jan 31st should i wear sweat pants or jeans for after the surgery READ MORE

Vitamins and Supplements Before and After BBL?

Is it safe to do the HCG diet right before surgery? I'm 4 weeks Pre Surgery and I'm taking a multi vitamin, vitamin D-3, iron, and CLA are... READ MORE

I Want 1700-1800 CC Injected into Each Buttock - Is This Possible? (Photos)

Is this possible to have 1700-1800 inject into each buttock? I have plenty of fat to harvest and a wide rear and hips! I want an "stripper" perfect... READ MORE

What is Meant by a Patient's Skin is Too Tight for a High Amount of Fat Injections?

I've heard some patients mention that thier doctor could not inject the amount of fat they requested because their skin was too tight. What is... READ MORE

Best Way to Maximize Fat-cell Survival Pre-op BBL/fat Transfer?

Is there anything a patient can do to ensure or maximize fat cell survival prior to a Brazilian butt lift/fat transfer surgery? E.g. with exercise -... READ MORE

Will a donut cushion be enough to not put pressure on my butt while driving, after BBL?

Hi my BBL and fat transfer to the hips is soon and my surgeon as shown me how to sit an lay and when driving after two weeks after surgery,he said not... READ MORE

Is There Anything You Can Pre Op to Help Avoid Seromas?

I am looking for advice, if there is any, on how to prepare yourself to help avoid seromas from after surgery? READ MORE

Pre-op: Questions about BBL procedure (photos)

When doing a Brazilian butt lift where is the fat injected into the butt exactly? Without X-ray or visuals how is a doctor able to tell where to place... READ MORE

Surgery in 10 days. Can my menstrual cycle safely be delayed?

Hello, my Dr. Not open the weekds, age 43 I've been taking over 900 mgs of prescription Iron daily plus 1000 mgs of Vitamin C, drinks lots of orange... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for BBL? (Photos)

Hello, I'm thinking about getting the BBL done and would like to know if I'm a candidate based on my pictures. READ MORE

Any suggestions for BBL pre and post op supply list please?

Just wondering what all is vital and handy for bbl and suggestions would be great thanks! READ MORE

Pre-op: Interested in BBL - how would it affect my body as I age?

Ok I'm 19 with no children what if I decide to have children after college would this do anything to effect my body such as like a saggy butt ? READ MORE

When can I get my preoperative testing done?

I plan on getting a Bbl/lipo (not aggressive). However given the lack of experienced doctors in the NW who perform bbl, I plan on going out of state... READ MORE

Supplements and Vitmains before Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am getting a Brazilian butt lift this upcoming Tuesday and I'm currently taking vitamin C. I bought Arnica pills and was wondering when should I... READ MORE

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