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How Am I Supposed to Sleep After Having Tummy Tuck and Bbl Done at the Same Time?

I'm having tummy tuck and bbl done but I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to sleep or relax if I can't lay on my back nor my stomach? READ MORE

Can I Sleep On My Sides Within First Few Weeks After BBL Procedure?

If you are having fat transfered to the hip areas as well as the butt, can you sleep on your sides within the first few weeks? READ MORE

How Soon After a Bbl Can You Sit? What About if You Have a Tt How Do You Sleep?

I am planning on having a bbl, tummytuck , and arm lift all together and some doctors have told me that im going to be able to sleep on a recliner... READ MORE

How long should I sleep on my side after Brazilian butt lift?

I love my Brazillian butt lift!!! But it's been a week and barely slept. 40 pills of Percocet hasn't cut it. I have back problems and was wondering... READ MORE

I Had Brazilian Buttlift and I'm Two Weeks Post Op Today, Can Lymphatic Drainage Massages Be Done Laying on my Back?

I went to a LDM therapist and since I am not supposed to be on my back she said that it was too difficult, and could not do the massage. I am not sure... READ MORE

Can I Sleep on my Back After Bbl and Tummy Tuck?

I just had a tummy tuck and bbl yesturday july 23. Can I sleep on my back. My dr said I cannot sleep on my side but it seems to hurt while laying on... READ MORE

Sleeping after BBL/BL/Lipo?

Why is it that Dominca Rebulic doctors having you sleeping on your back after BBL or multiple surgeries but USA doctor are adamant about sleeping on... READ MORE

I Had a Fat Transfer to my Hips and Woke Up Laying on my Sides...did I Kill the Cells?

I had a fat graft to my hips on Tuesday. I have tried to make sure not to put pressure on them, however I have woken up a few times with my lying on... READ MORE

What Positions Are Best for Recovery After Multiple Procedures?

I am having breast-lift (without augmentation), liposuction and Brazilian butt-lift all at the same time this summer. I know that I shouldn't sit... READ MORE

I need some serious advice in which position to sleep after multiple sx at once?

I'm having BBL, via fat grafting to my butt, BL w/Implants, TT & full body Liposculpture at once. My Dr says it is safe as long as I am healthy... READ MORE

I Want to Have a Mastoplexy and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is it possible to undergo both procedures at the same time? My surgeon said she can do it but I feel that I will lose the fat grafted into my buttock... READ MORE

How do you recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck? How do you to lay/sleep?

Just wanting to know what's the best position(s) to be in for recovery which includes BBL & TT? READ MORE

How soon after a BBL can I have sex?

I'm married and I will be having my bbl on April 21 st. I know the recovery process takes a while. When can I have sex after? And are there certain... READ MORE

What is the best sleep position post op?

Hello Amazing Drs. I plan to have a TT,BBL and a BL in the future.What is the best way to sleep or best position to sleep in? With or without pillows?... READ MORE

I would like to be intimate with my husband exactly 11 days after my bbl. Are there any precautions against this?

Will I be bruised and unsightly still? My skin is dark brown and I do get bruises from time to time. Are certain positions better than others? Will I... READ MORE

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