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Dream Look: Perkier Butt & Flat Tummy, Would a BBL Help Achieve this Look? (photo)

Hello all: I am 20 years old, Im 5’4’’ & 138lbs. I don’t have any children. I am considering getting butt augmentation... READ MORE

I have considered BBL to fix this mess I'm left with. Does the fat stay or do we then get bumpy? (Photo)

I never said I wanted volume taken out of my gluts. I had a perky round butt before. I asked about smoothing under and on hip area. A surgeon asked... READ MORE

Interested in lipo n bbl. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

I am 36yrs old with 3 children (22, 20, 14 and 1 grand daughter. Needless to say the baby factory is closed and I feel its time to redefine my body.... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian butt lift make my butt more round and perky ? (photos)

I feel like my ass is shape as a square, I have an ass but I want it to appear more round and perky like a heart shape. Will my own fat achieve what I... READ MORE

50 yo healthy, exercise regularly, want a BBL. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

50 yo Black female, healthy, hypothyroid stable on meds, I exercise regularly, had abdominoplasty, Breast reduction, mamo plasty over 10 yrs ago, now... READ MORE

Want to have a perkier butt (Photo)

I'm 41yo, 42-43kg, 4'10" , had a BA & body lipo a year sad that i totally fogot about my butt!!! I would have wanted to have a fat transfer... READ MORE

I want a BBL. Am I being realistic? (Photo)

Hello I am a 29 years old and looking to have a BBL done I would like my stomach and back to be lipoed I want a round and perky buttocks and a flat... READ MORE

I want a BBL+BA w/lift BOTH done same day.I want curvy booty+big ol'perky boobies 36DD I hate shape of my butt +boobs. (photo)

I need BBL+BreastAug@sametime, sameday out pt surgery w/silicone implants+donut lift,under muscle{probably} I'm 145, 5'7, 29yrs young, 3 kids, 34-36C... READ MORE

I want a BBL to make my butt bigger, perkier and rounder. Can doctors work with this? I can gain weight easily. (photos)

This is my body from the side. As you may tell I already have a decent body to begin with. This is me when I watch my weight but I can gain weight... READ MORE

Getting BBL in 3 weeks! Is 350cc in each side enough to make a difference? I want a perky round butt not huge. (photo)

Will 350 in each cheek be enough for a nice round perky booty? I no some won't take so this number seems low. My current weight is 138 and I'm 5'7" READ MORE

118 lbs and 5'4". Do I have enough fat for BBL? (Photo)

I am a slender woman with love handles and lateral gluteal depression. Do I have to gain weight to have a successful BBL? I just want a perky butt... READ MORE

4 days post BBL, will the shape soften and be less perky as it heals?

I am 4 days post bbl. My butt is rather large and perky. I got the bbl to get a rounder butt but not larger. I knew to some extent it would get bigger... READ MORE

Brazillian butt lift without ripples or looking like cellulite? (Photo)

I can be paper thin in my profile and then I will turn :( I am just wide, no waist to hip ratio to speak! So frustrating because I can be a size one,... READ MORE

My butt is big but not perky and I want a breast augmentation. I wanted to know what would be a good size and the cost of all?

I want prices and doctor recommendations for a Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation in Orlando, Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic READ MORE

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