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Will the BBL at the same time ''make'' my long torso shorter?

Im only 5'1 and about 132 lbs. My problem is that I have this apple shaped body that I dislike very much. I want to have a curvy pear shaped body that... READ MORE

I weigh 184lbs, how much weight should I lose (while having enough body fat for the BBL) to achieve the best BBL results?(photo)

I currently weigh a flabby, unhappy, and unhealthy 184.4lbs. Being this heavy makes me depressed and causes me to have a very low self esteem. I blame... READ MORE

Can I have my hips lipo'd to shape me like a pear? What can be done to give me the shape I desire? (photos)

3/22 /16 I had lipo w/bbl & hips. Apparently even though I asked to be shaped like an upside down heart he shaped me like an orange; stating he did so... READ MORE

Was enough fat transfer to my buttock to see a long term difference?

I stand 5'10 1/2 my weight is 200. My figure is pear shape plus I have an athletic built . My butt was never flat or small. My doctor put 300cc in... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift or just a bit of lipo? (Photo)

33 year old pearshaped woman with no kids but have lost/gained significant amounts of weight over the past 20 years (not always in a healthiest way),... READ MORE

Why does it seem harder to find a bbl package for pear shaped woman?

Why does it seem harder to find a bbl package for pear shaped woman, a bbl that will not exclude lipo to the thights, especially inner thights? i have... READ MORE

This is a follow up to the previous question

I'm looking at more of a pear shape I have a small chest and a small waist I want my waist bigger like something to hold on to READ MORE

BBL: Possible to create a pear shape?

Is it possible to create a pear shape during a BBL instead of hourglass? Would a pear shape require fat to be injected into the hips or can it be all... READ MORE

Looking for lipo/liposculpture/BBL doctor? I live in Santa Cruz County, CA. Willing to travel to other areas of CA or Tijuana MX

Ideally, if I could afford it I would like full body lipo with fat transfer to my butt. If the cost for that is too much, then I would at least want... READ MORE

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