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Affordable Payment Plan for Brazilian Butt Lift

I have a low income job but I feel I need a Brazilian butt lift. Do you have an affordable payment plan? READ MORE

I Want to Finance my Braz. Butt Lift I Have Poor Credit (530) How Much $$ a Month? Aprox.

I want to finance my B.B.L but i have poor credit (530) and I don't have a down payment. I want to know how much would i pay a month if i finance?... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Payment Plans?

Am 17, turning 18 in october and I really want to get the bbl done. I don't think I can afford it but I reallly want it.. Is there any payment plans?? READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Brazilian Butt Lift in Charlotte, NC

I'm in Charlotte and want a bigger butt and Breast Implants. Do you offer payment plans? READ MORE

Can't Afford a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi, i'm an 18 year old mother of 1, 5'4, and currently weight 157 pounds. I've been wanting to get a bbl done for a few months now. The reason why why... READ MORE

Installment Payment for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can I pay for a Brazilian butt lift in installments without interest? READ MORE

Looking for a Plastic Surgery Payment Plan Where I Can Pay a Percentage Up Front then the Rest of the Fee After the Surgery?

I'm looking to have a procedure done. "Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Brazilian Butt Lift" Its many names for it but basically I would like fat... READ MORE

How Can I Work out a Payment Plan for Butt Lift?

I weigh about 180, with a fat stomach. My body to me is out of shape after i had my son. My butt is flat. I would like a butt lift. Not really sure... READ MORE

I'm 18 Year Old & Weight 110 with Small Round Butt. What the Best Place to Get a Cosemetic Loan?

I'm 18 years old, I weight 110 pounds and have a little weights with okay average hip and little roundness in my butt area. (I'm as Skinny as Paris... READ MORE

If I Finance my Brazilian Butt Lift Will I Have to Put Some Money Down Pyment As Before the Surgery?

If i am financing the brazilian butt lift surgery will have to have some money as a down payment before the surgery? READ MORE

My Friend Got a BBL Done That Did Not Cost More Than 5,000. Is This Possible on a Payment Plan? (photo)

I do not have the best credit but I would like to be on an affordable payment plan. Is it possible to find a surgeon that will do a good BBL for no... READ MORE

Is It Common To Use Payment Plans for BBL?

I want a bigger buttock, but cannot afford it in one payment. How can I find a payemnt plant option?  READ MORE

Is It Ok/smart to Pay for a Deposit a Year Before Your BBL Prcedure?

Im currently on deployment but I want to pay my deposit to lock in the price that was given to me. I dont know the excate date but I know I will be... READ MORE

In New York City how much am I going to have to pay to get a Brazilian butt lift? Are there any loans? Payment plans?

Im 18 Years old. I look in the mirror and want to cry everyday. I would absolutely love to have this operation done. it would make me the happiest... READ MORE

Financing for Plastic Surgery?

I'm a college student and I'm looking for ways to finance my surgery. I wasnt to go with Dr. Jimmerson since he is closer to me. I stay in N.C. Can I... READ MORE

Roughly how much would that cost and what are some payment plans? Bbl, tt, and ba?

I'm 24 150lbs. Considering a Brazilian butt lift tummy tuck and breast argumentation. READ MORE

Is it possible for someone else to pay for my procedure without my name on the card? (photo)

Is it possible for someone else to pay for my procedure without my name on the card? READ MORE

Are there payment programs for Brazilian Butt Lifts?

Hello, I am a 19 year old student/actress in Los Angeles and I've been dreaming of having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done from a very young age... READ MORE

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