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Average Amount of Transferrable Fat in Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am planning to have the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I am about 30 lbs. overweight but I am proportionate. I am getting conflicting answers about... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Reabsorption Concern?

Since with Brazilian Butt Lift, there is re-absorption, should the PS overfill? I am concerned as I search the internet before my consult. I am... READ MORE

Overweight Person Get a Brazilian Butt Lift ? (photo)

Can a person who is significantly overweight still get a brazlian butt lift? I have a wide sqaure butt without much volume and would like it rounded... READ MORE

How is It Determined if a Patient is Too Heavy for a BBL?

Hello I am 5'6" 215lbs though I am solid( athlectic) I am still substantially over my idea weight. How is it determined if a patient is to overweight... READ MORE

I'm over weight can I still get BBL? (Photo)

So I'm interested in getting a BBL, Liposculpture, and Tummy Tuck but I'm overweight I'm 5'3" between 218 and 220 lbs but I am working on getting to... READ MORE

Will a Lot of Abdominal Fat Help with Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is a person who has alot of abdominal fat a good canidate for a brazilain butt lift? READ MORE

How Would I Know if Im Too Overweight to Get a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I am a 4"11 40yr old female and have fat arms and some stomach and love handle fat. im about 40lbs over weight but have large breasts cup d's... READ MORE

I want a Brazilian butt lift. 1800cc to 2000cc on each side. Is it too much 1800 cc to 2000cc? (photos)

I'm 50 and very healthy. I had an appendisectomy 15 years ago. I have one child in 2000. No major scars and very healthy. I'm 25 pounds over my weight. READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeons in the NYC/LI Area Who Offer Payment Plans for the Brazilian Butt? (photo)

A college student who refuses to waste her youth without having the body I've awaited always wanted. I'm aware of the risks and just wanted to know if... READ MORE

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Be Performed on a Person Who is 40-50 Pounds Above Their Goal Weight?

Would doctors be willing to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift on a person that is 40-50 pounds above their goal weight? I'm ~175 lbs, and I'd like to be... READ MORE

Why BBL on an overly Overweight Woman? Should a surgeon refuse to do a BBL on a patient that won't have good outcomes?

I've seen pictures of women that are very obese who have had elective BBL surgery and whose Silhouette has not improved. Back fat, abdomen fat and... READ MORE

I'm twenty pounds over my ideal weight. Should I lose weight before getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am 5'4" and weigh 145 pounds. i am proportionate but should i lose weight before getting a bbl READ MORE

After the Surgeries I Want (Arm Lift, Lipo, Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer) How Long Will I Be out of Work?

So a few doctors said im too over weight for an hour shape figure.. my personal doctor has told me my bones are dense therefore they weight more... so... READ MORE

I am 20 lbs overweight. Should I lose weight before Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? (photos)

I am 5 foot 6 inches and weigh approximately 165 lbs. My goal weight is 145 lbs. My BBL is six months away. Should I try and lose at least 10 pounds... READ MORE

Too Much Fat on Body to Receive Successful Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi! Id like a BB Lift, and I will be losing 90 pounds pre-op yet anticipate lots of hanging belly/back fat after weight loss. I was curious if: -One... READ MORE

Can I Get This Body with a BBL Procedure ?

Im thinking of getting a BBL sometime Next year . Im only waiting because im Overweight . My butt have always been this Size for a while , but my... READ MORE

How Much Weight to Lose?

Hi I am very overweight, weighting in at about 260 pould. I would like to receive a brazilian butt lift with fat transfer , bt I no longer want to be... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift expectation results. Also already had a TT. (Photo)

Will I need to gain more weight if I am wanting a voluptuous behind. I am 20 overweight I believe now. Can I expect to get an hour glass figure?... READ MORE

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