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Top of buttock too high after Brazilian butt lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am trying to find a doctor who can perform a reduction of the top of buttock only. has anyone performed this procedure where I can view images of... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift healing - scared of my outcome. Advice? (Photo)

Hi there, I had a Brazilian buttlift this past Saturday and I'm very nervous for my results. I feel like the fat is all in my hips not in my butt. I... READ MORE

I am two days post op. I removed all bandages including the white tape from my buttocks. Will this effect my outcome? (Photo)

I was told it was to keep tissue in place but only after i showered and it got water underneath and started peeling so i removed it.. Is thia bad? READ MORE

Do you think I would be pleased with the outcome of a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am a 38 year old mother of 5, youngest is 12. I have been considering a bbl for several years now. I know that i will need a tummy tuck and breast... READ MORE

Is there anything else I can do other than gain weight to obtain a really good BBL outcome? (photos)

I weight 116lbs very slim, curveLESS. I want ASS and HIPS extremely. I recently contacted dr.pantoja and told me I needed to gain weight. That's going... READ MORE

Prior to BBL surgery, Is there a tool or method that dr use to determine desired outcome? (photos)

Sort of like a "large, medium or small butt mold" so the patient and DR are on the same page as to what is desired READ MORE

How long does it takes for your butt to soften up after having BBL?

I had my bbl done 9/2 and it's still hard, will when I see my final outcome ? READ MORE

Slight psoriasis a concern for surgery? Specifically a BBL?

I have slight psoriasis on my scalp, corner of my nose, belly button and nipples. Would this affect me in a major surgery such as a BBL? READ MORE

Is it okay to lose weight and tone muscles before Brazilian Butt Lift?

I've been on a weight loss program with a place called picmed. I eat clean for the most part. I do some cardio and lift. They told me my bmi is... READ MORE

What determines the final outcome of how a patient looks and the results they get?

I have seen people with nice shaped bodies come out of their BBL looking just ok and some with little or no change at all. And then I have seen people... READ MORE

Will I have a good outcome from a tummy tuck and bbl being 10 pounds over my normal weight? (Photo)

I weight 180 my normal weight is 170but is more than the ideal weight for me I'm 5' 5" with a large frame. Will I still achieve a good outcome with a... READ MORE

How likely is it that I can achieve desired outcome with my body type? (Photos)

I want more of a curved hour glass figure and more projection. Not so much of a bigger butt. I've never had hips even when I've gained weight I have a... READ MORE

Buttock lift/aug concerns after massive weight loss. (photos)

I had an extended tummy tuck after MWL and will be completing a lower body lift. I've been told by three plastic surgeons that I don't have enough fat... READ MORE

London based surgeon who can preform a bbl procedure, breast lift with implants and upper bleph?

Want a surgeon brilliant in all three surgerys, with great outcomes! Would it be possible to have the upper blepharoplasty, at the same time as nipple... READ MORE

Could this look be achieved with my body type? (Photo)

I am looking to get a bbl within the next year (saving still) and I wanted to know what my realistic outcome will be. I am about 150 pounds in the... READ MORE

Methotrexate for RA affecting my bbl results/outcome.

42y/o female lost 120 pounds since gastric sleeve last year. In need of body conturing. 5'6"weigh 178. Besides RA i have HTN under control with... READ MORE

Squats pre-surgery? Will it give a better outcome?

Is it true that's building as much muscles as possible via squats & pre-fat transfer will give a better outcome on the percentage of fat survival READ MORE

Can anyone tell me how various glute and outer thigh workouts will affect me? Will fat continue to shrink or flatten? (photo)

I dont think the roundness will come back from me gaining weight back. Plus I dont want to loose my 27' waist I have worked hard for to vanish like my... READ MORE

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