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Is Dime Curves Pill an Effective Alternative to Brazilian Butt Lift?

I have looked into Brazilian Butt Lift but its way too much money. I read about some pills called Dime curves that supposedly give you a bigger butt... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout - Same Results As Surgery?

I am confused by ads for brazilian butt lift workout that says it'll get you same results as surgery. They say routines include plies, squats,... READ MORE

Infection of Fat Injected to Buttocks- Can I Aspirate Without Surgery?

I did a lipoaspiration and had that fat injected to buttocks a year ago; unfortunately the fat is hard and I always feel fire burning inside that... READ MORE

Growing the sides of the butt.. Do I need a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello. I was wondering if it's possible to grow the sides of the butt (marked in the pic) with exercise or is BB Lift the only option? I believe... READ MORE

What can I do to get bigger thighs, butt and hips without having to go through surgery?

I am 5'4'' and my scale says i weigh 175lbs i ust to weigh 101lbs 11 months ago but am not satisfied with how i look i want to gain more weight. READ MORE

Non-Surgical BBL? Via fat transfer? How?

Simon Ourian MD has a video on Instagram advertising a "No Scalpel" BBL. He states that it can be done via fat transfer or FDA approved dermal fillers... READ MORE

What shape is my butt? I've always dreamt of wide, rounded hips with a big butt. How can I achieve this? (Photo)

What shape/type butt do I have? I've always dreamt of wide, rounded hips with a big butt. How can I achieve this? I have a strange side dip on the... READ MORE

Does any other doctor do non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Simon Ourian does Botox butt shot is it safe? Any suggestion for skinny person other than fat transfer, look for wider hips?! READ MORE

Is it possible to remove the fat from butt three years after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

3 years ago I went to a surgeon for a little lipo on the love handles, offered to use the fat to fill out a my cute butt at no cost. In the whirl of... READ MORE

Does liposuction fat transfer to buttocks involve surgery? Can I have it done without the surgery? (Photo)

I am planning to do a fat transfer from my stomach to my but through a liposuction, but I am really more interested in having a defined flat and thin... READ MORE

I'm 5'6 and 104 lbs. I have a small butt and I don't feel comfortable with it. What's the best non surgical option?

Im skinny and would like to gain weight only in the right places like my hips and butt for instance. How can I make that possible without having to do... READ MORE

How can I make my butt larger/bigger without another surgery?

I recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift and notice my but is still small. How can I make my butt larger without another surgery? READ MORE

Can I have the consultation on the same day as the surgery? Or maximum how long would the wait be?

I'm 19 from England, I want to have a fat transfer; breast transfer and Brazilian butt lift. I also want a face lift/non surgical cheek and chin... READ MORE

Odd butt shape? (Photo)

I am Hispanic and I am concerned that my butt will begin to form the shape presented in the photo. It is common, based on my experience, that Hispanic... READ MORE

What can I do, when I don't have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photos)

Hey, so, a brazilian butt lift is not really possible for me, as I'm not carrying too much fat (although I do a little). I heard about the... READ MORE

Okay to have butt lift between children?

I had a big butt and perfect curves before getting pregnant and halfway through pregnancy my butt got flat and saggy and my round hips took a square... READ MORE

What is wrong with my arm after BBL? (Photos)

I had a bbl a year ago and my arm looks super ugly. Im really sad because I used to have nice arms prior to gaining weight to harvest fat. Now my arm... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical ways to achieve a BBL?

I have Heard of getting a butt lift with a Vactone but I don't see how that can last. I am really considering doing the BBL here in the next 3 months,... READ MORE

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