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Butt Looks Too High After Brazilian Butt Lift

I just had a Brazilian Butt Lift five days ago, and am worried that the fat that was added too high up. Is my garment causing it to look this way? It... READ MORE

Booty like Lexy Panterra! Slim thick perfect round butt?

I can't post a video but just YouTube lexy panterra and watch a couple twerk videos!! How do I get a butt like that? Idk if a bbl would work because... READ MORE

Is 750cc each cheek too much? What would be recommended for a natural look? (Photo)

I'm 5'2 150lbs. Most of my weight is my abnormal area and back. I want it to look natural after my surgery. I want my waist very small and my butt... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get More Natural Looking Stomach from Bbl?

I am interested in getting the bbl, one of my concerns is the appearance of the abdomen after the surgery. The stomach appears flat but unnatural... READ MORE

5'4' 215 do I need to lose more weight for a fat transfer from my stomach and back to my butt? (photos)

I don't want to be really thin just curvy and shapely but not overly done very natural looking... READ MORE

Should I get a bbl or just liposuction? (Photo)

My butt is already a decent size and I think if I just get liposuction it will be even more prominent. I was considering getting a bbl with... READ MORE

Here are my wish pics (BBL). Are these results realistic for me? (Photo)

I am 25 y/o 5'0 150lbs I would like bbl procedure i am wondering if I have enough fat to harvest to get my desired look. I don't want a HUGE butt I... READ MORE

How many cc would you suggest? I'm thinking 500cc for each cheek or maybe lower (Photo)

I'm thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift (and liposculpture) next yr, but I don't want a big or huge butt. I simply want a nice, round, decent... READ MORE

Will Liposculpture and Brazilian Butt Lift be enough? (photos)

I'm trying to avoid a Tummy Turk right off or all together I think... I don't kno :( I just want my body to look GOOD and my butt natural... Naturally... READ MORE

Is 3000 cc for a BBL Too much? (Photo)

I weigh 178 and im 5,5. When i went for my consultation i stressed to the surgeon i just wanted to fill my butt cheeks with my belly fat as i already... READ MORE

I'm looking into getting a BBL, or just liposuction. Which would give me the results I'm looking for? (Photo)

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?. I'm looking for a small waist. But I do not want my butt or hips really big. I want it to look natural.... READ MORE

Which should I get: Brazilian butt lift or butt implants? I am not thick enough to get the lift but I want it to be safe

I am 5'3 and weigh 106 pounds.There many risks of getting butt implants such as the silicone misplacing or the body rejecting,the greater risk of... READ MORE

How much fat should I have injected to achieve my goal? (Photo)

I have thin legs so I do not want an exaggerated butt it will look to obvious that it's fake. I like the more natural look. And I have a lot of fat so... READ MORE

When the surgeon performs a BBL, do they have to use the fat from your thighs? (Photos)

Do I Have the option to not want to use the fat on my legs? Or atleast, not that much? I ask this because I don't want to Look like a "Cake Pop". I... READ MORE

Non surgical way to reduce Brazilian Butt Lift result? (photos)

I had a bbl done a year and some months ago. the projection is unrealistic, and i'm constantly being asked if my butt is fake. is there a way that i... READ MORE

Me now vs. what I want. Follow up to last question. Didn't upload goal picture. Do you think this is a possibility? (photo)

This is currently my body. Note that I've lost a few pounds that could be gained back easily if I don't watch what I eat. I already have a decent... READ MORE

5'6", 155 lbs. Looking to have a MMO. Is this enough fat to have a natural looking BBL? (Photo)

40 year old, 3 children all natural, no other surgeries, looking to have a natural looking MMO. Having a low scar and awesome belly button is... READ MORE

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