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After BBL Will my Butt Feel Natural?

I'm interested in getting a bbl asap, but before i go to my consultation I need to know will I have a soft natural feel to my butt. READ MORE

Can You Tell the Difference Between Natural Prominent Curvy Buttocks Vs Microfat Augmented Buttocks from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can people autually tell the difference between natural prominent curvy buttocks vs microfat augmented curvy buttocks from brazilian butt lift? I... READ MORE

With my body shape, will I have a slim waist and nice big kim k booty and finance?? (photo)

I'm 5'10 and 220lbs, 23 years of age. Will my butt still have a natural soft squeezable feel? How much will my BBL cost and can I finance I have good... READ MORE

Got a Brazilian butt lift but want it smaller! Will the size change over the next few weeks?

I asked my surgeon for a big but natural looking butt lift through fat transfer . I am one week post op and it is still bigger than I would like .... READ MORE

bbl post-op 4 days, dr did liposuction and placed fat in my butt and my face - I am too swollen can I sleep sideways? (photos)

My doctor is a double american board certified doctor with 27 years of experince i checked his reviews . My tummy looked indented like a crimpled... READ MORE

I'm only 100 pounds and 5ft 4. Is it possible for me to have a bbl? (Photo)

I don't want to get implants because I want the natural look. I am serious about getting the surgery but I'm only 21 so I'm on a tight budget! My body... READ MORE

BBL with or without implants?

Since a BBL is the transfer of fat and since fat can be absorbed by the body, how effective is it without actual implants. Trying to decide the best... READ MORE

Can a BBL help me? (photos)

Can a BBL help reshape my butt without my butt looking like Nicki Manji? I want a natural. Medium size butt......not a big butt!!!!!!! Can a BBL shape... READ MORE

Will it be possible to get the measurements I want for a BBL? (Photos)

I'm going to get a bbl this year would you think it's possible to get the measurements of my dream and if I should gain any weight so the results will... READ MORE

What will a brazilian buttlift cost, including liposuction of the waist, flanks and inner thighs?

I noticed the price of a brazilian buttlift is 6,550 dollars. I would like to get liposuction of my waist, flanks and the inside of my thighs, to get... READ MORE

Will one session of a BBL be enough? (Photo)

I'm planning to get butt implants with a fat transfer to feel really natural, but I want to know if I'd be able to get the look I wanted with one... READ MORE

After BBL (4 weeks now) a thread is come out from my scar? (Photos)

I got surgery in Dominican Republic so I can't go back to my doctor. Is this thread will come out naturally or should I go to visit hospital? READ MORE

How much weight do I need to gain before BBL?

My question is how much weight do I need to gain. I am very small frame, 5 "1, size 1 and weight 107lbs at the moment. I have been trying to gain... READ MORE

Vaser or Brazalian Butt Lift? Which would give better hourglass shape results and which one worth the price? (photos)

I'm 27, mom of 1 through C-section, 4'11 and 132 LBS. I am seriously considering either Vaser around my stomach and hips and under my buttocks or... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift for petite 5'2 101 pound girl. (Photos)

I have nice curves for my body but I don't have a nice butt to fit it. No matter how much I work out it doesn't grow. Since I am fairly skinny would I... READ MORE

How much total fat will be extracted from the 12 lipo areas? (photo)

I'm interested in a BBL, with a height of 5'2 and weigh 175. I was thinking in losing 15-20lbs before the surgery but don't know how much fat will be... READ MORE

Liposculpture, Lipo, tummy tuck or bbl? (photos)

I am a 5'9 tall with 214Lb. I am naturally curvy with a a fat but but i would love to fix my body. I have a wish picture and am not sure what... READ MORE

How to get bigger naturally after BBL? (Photo)

I cannot say that my bbl didn't change my body but I would like to get a little bigger. I'm currently 44 hips and would like to be 46/47. Can I do... READ MORE

Boyfriend bumping me in butt every day (10 days post-op), will it affect final result?

My boyfriends taking care of me and I didn't know he would be this careless. He's bumped my butt almost every day since after surgery and I'm starting... READ MORE

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