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3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift with hip fat transfer. When can I start sitting and sleeping on my back? (photos)

I had bbl with hip fat transfer 3 wks ago. I also had liposuction to my abdomen inner/ outer thighs, waist, and banana rolls. I have very minimal... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift W/ Augmentation Same Time?

Is It Ok to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift W/ Augmentation Same Time? READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Breast Aug, and Brazilian Butt Lift Same Day in Brazil. Flight Home??

Hello! I will be getting surgery in Brazil next month. i have researched the doctor well and also have references to this doctor (from people who have... READ MORE

Can You Get A Brazilian Butt Lift As Many Times As You Need In Order to Reach Your Desired Look?

Can you get a brazilian butt lift surgery more than twice perhapse 3 to 4 times to get the results that you are looking for I want a very large butt... READ MORE

How much will it cost me to have a BBL,TT and Lipo? Can I use the fat from lipo for bbl?

How much will it cost to have lipo,bbl,TT? I am currantly 29 pounds overweight for height and age Im 185pounds,5"7, 29 yrs old will i have to lose... READ MORE

How much for lipo 360 & a BBL?

Hi, im a mother of 3, I been considering getting a Lipo 360 & a BBL? How much would that be Salt Lake City Ut area. READ MORE

How soon can I have Brazilian Butt Lift after Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction on my stomach and back in May of 2014. How soon will I be able to have a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure? READ MORE

The best faja/garment for Brazilian Butt Lift with Lipo of abdomen and flanks ?

Wondering what the best faja/garment is for post bbl is ? So many to choose from im lost !! Brand ? Butt in or out ? READ MORE

Want A Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Fat Transfer- Will Second Time Lipo in Tummy Cause Ripples?

I had lipo of my stomach 5 years ago. The doctor did a great job, but did not get my sides. I would like to go back and have my stomach and sides... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 210. How much should I lose before I can get a Brazillian but lift & tummy tuck? Mind you, I'm looking for a big booty

I'm 5'2 210 how much should I lose before I can get a Brazillian but lift and tummy tuck( mind you I'm looking for a big booty) . Is it possible I can... READ MORE

Will I have hanging loose skin after Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction? Or will it just hang when I'm sitting? (photos)

I have lots of stretch marks above my belly button,my question is will i have HANGING LOOSE SKIN IF I GET JUST A BBL AND LIPO? or will it just hang... READ MORE

Who would you recommend to make me look like a video vixen/ Kim Kardashian? (photo)

Hi, I've gone to one consultation but the dr. wasn't a good fit for me. I am willing to travel anywhere in north america to get surgery. Money isn't... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer and a breast reduction at the same time? Is it safe?

I am a healthy 55 non-smoker and am not on any medication. I am getting a breast reduction next year and was wondering if the fat from my breasts or... READ MORE

After liposuction and fat transfer to butt and hips, hows recovery?

I work in office environment so I'm required to sit for long periods of time & by the looks of it I'm not going to have a long recovery time. Max... READ MORE

I've lost all the volume from by buttocks after various procedures. Do I need a traditional BBL for good results? (Photo)

I had tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, lipo and fat gtafting to my buttocks 4 months ago and have lost all volumeto my buttocks...its... READ MORE

What to do with dissolvable stitches (BBL and lipo)? (Photo)

Lipo tummy&thighs for bbl 27th Jan. Dr (abroad) said he used dissolvable stitches outside & inside the skin and said I can remove them now if I want.... READ MORE

I need some serious advice in which position to sleep after multiple sx at once?

I'm having BBL, via fat grafting to my butt, BL w/Implants, TT & full body Liposculpture at once. My Dr says it is safe as long as I am healthy... READ MORE

Surgery a Couple Days Apart?

Hello, I am traveling to miami to get a breast lift and brazilian butt lift. I would also like to get rhinoplasty by another surgeon in the area. To... READ MORE

Not able to wear faja after surgery. What do I do? I need help.

I just came back from DR doing a bbl, full tummy liposculpture, full back, flanks, love handles, and inner thighs. I am so upset and scared because.... READ MORE

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