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Is it safe to take Xanax for anxiety 2 days prior to surgery?

I have a 6-hour plane ride from California to Miami. I have anxiety attacks, especially on airplanes so I want to take a xanax. I want to take the... READ MORE

Should I Take Famvir Before Surgery to Prevent Genital Herpes Outbreak?

I have genital herpes but rarely have outbreaks. I only take famvir when there is an outbreak. I am going for a brazilian butt lift using fat transfer... READ MORE

Is Lovenox Safe to Take Pre and Post-op BBL and Rhinoplasty?

I am predisposed to blood clots because of my genetics. I would like to have a brazil butt lift and nasal surgery done. Are these high risk for... READ MORE

Pain after BBL: what is the best over the counter medication I can use to deal with it?

I had a bbl on july 2nd. Im in so much pain. What is the best OTC pain medicine I can take? Pain is from the lipo and in the injected area. READ MORE

Does Marijuana Have Adverse Effects with the Pre Post Op Medication?

I'm a casual marijuana user, does marijuana cause adverse effects with the pre and post op medication? I'm using the arnica four pack from READ MORE

Bbl Vs High Blood Pressure?

My blood pressure is controlled my meds, but I'm wondering if this would be a good idea. What would u tell a pt that's consider this surgery that has HBP READ MORE

Are Antibiotics or Heparine Important After a BBL? Do I Need to Take Them?

I am puzzled as to buy antibiotics for after my bbl.. I thought antibiotics was to cure infections not to prevent them. I dont want my body fighting... READ MORE

Is it Necessary for Clients to Give Themselves Shots After BBL?

I was told that after the clients have the bbl surgery that some dr's have been giving them syringes with medication so that they can give themselves... READ MORE

Anti Depressants (Zoloft) and Lipo/BBL surgery. Is taking anti-depressants ok or would one need to get off of them beforehand?

I have been taking zoloft for a little over a year now and have been thoroughly researching the lipo sculpting/bbl procedures... but I'm wondering... READ MORE

Do I have to stop taking prescription medications before surgery?

I'm currently on lithium Zoloft and seroquel will I have to stop taking these before my surgery? Thanks READ MORE

I'm Am On The Depo Provera Shot... Will That Affect My BBL Surgery?

I recently got my Depo Shot on April 14th & I am scheduled to have surgery in August. Is that enough time to get it out of my system and reduce my... READ MORE

I am 2 days post op, is it normal for me to keep having a minor fever on and off?

I am 2 days post op and I keep having a fever on and off i keep getting cold chills and then a fever, is this normal? I am taking oxycodone and an... READ MORE

Is It SAFE to Have Lipo to my Upper Torso and Legs for a BBL if You're Taking Plavix & Asprin?

Hi I am considering having aggressive lipo on my Upper torso, and thighs for a BBL I'm currently on Plavix and asprin. How many days prior to surgery... READ MORE

Post Op Medication? BBL in 7 Days.

So I have my BBL in 7days and I want to know what else I might need after surgery. Arnika tablets, anti Bruising stuff, anti inching stuff, heat... READ MORE

Does Taking Medication for Hypothyroidsm Affect Me Having a BBL?

I take Levothyroxine 75mcg to treat my hypothyroidism. Will this condition or medication affect me in any way of getting A Brazilian butt lift? Will... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a BBL if You Are on Meds?

I was wondering if it's safe to get the Brazilian Butt Life while taking medications? I have Crohn's Colitis and don't want to risk my health any... READ MORE

Is it okay to take apetamin syrup for maintaining weight gain for BBL? Can it elevate liver enzymes?

Hi, I'm booked for BBL late October, however I'm currently withdrawing from anti-depressant medication which is making me lose my appetite &... READ MORE

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