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Thinking About Surgery Abroad but Can't Find a List of Certified Plastic Surg. In Dominican Republic?

I want to go to dr Agustina-Hilario-Duran I'm santo Domingo. Here is the thing I can't find information on here except from here. I need to know this... READ MORE

Is it safe to take Xanax for anxiety 2 days prior to surgery?

I have a 6-hour plane ride from California to Miami. I have anxiety attacks, especially on airplanes so I want to take a xanax. I want to take the... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico, Does Anyone Know of Any Good Doctors There?

Ive spoken with a few docs in Mexico but I am still undecided on who I should choose. I just want to make the right choice. If anyone could help and... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Fat to Achieve a Kim Kardashian Butt? (photo)

I really want the projection of a kim kardashian buttock but i also want to get a tummy tuck as i have had a child and have dieted in the past but... READ MORE

Butt Lift and TT Surgery in Bogota, Columbia

I am planning to have cosmetic surgery in bogota, colombia brazilian butt lift with tummy tuck. Im trying to do my research on a facility called... READ MORE

How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am a single mother. I am a resident of Mesa, Az and I have been searching abroad for a good deal and a good plastic surgeon. What kind of deal can... READ MORE

Why is cosmetic surgery in the U.S. so expensive?

I read so many comments from U.S. Drs. regarding medical tourism and how it is such a bad idea to travel abroad to have surgery and it may or may not... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Brizillian Butt Lift in Mexico

I saw that a girl got her procedure done in tijuana mexico and im not sure is that safe? it only costed her $3,400 and her results look amazing... READ MORE

Need Seroma drainage please help will pay for appointment?

Had surgery done in Tijuana, MX. I went to the ER a few days ago and it was determined that I have developed a seroma. Just was looking for a... READ MORE

Going to Mexico - How Long Do I Have to Wait for a Second Round of Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I want to have the BBL procedure done but I'm afraid that some of the u.s. doctors are overpriced! I'm considering going to Mexico to a Dr.... READ MORE

Do I Need to Stay in a Recovery House in Tijuana, or Can I Go Home? Also, Question About Ccs.

I am having a Brazilian butt lift by a doctor in Tijuana. I live in Los Angeles. The drive is about 2 to 2.5 hours. Do I need to stay in a recovery... READ MORE

Where should I have drain and stitches removed in the US after traveling for surgery?

Hello I need to leave 5 days post op with my drain and stitches back to the US is there any doctors or clinics that anyone know of that will remove... READ MORE

A long flight after BBL procedure. Is this OK?

Is it ok to fly after a bbl procedure? I from the UK and will be flying back from Atlanta to London (8hrs). Is this ok? And how soon after is safe?... READ MORE

Need Advice for Traveling out of State for BBL? (photo)

I haven't found a doctor yet...But what are some good questions to ask out of state doctors? And what have you found are the best for your patients?... READ MORE

Who would you recommend to make me look like a video vixen/ Kim Kardashian? (photo)

Hi, I've gone to one consultation but the dr. wasn't a good fit for me. I am willing to travel anywhere in north america to get surgery. Money isn't... READ MORE

Why is Surgery So Much Cheaper Outside of the Us (In DR and Mexico)?

I just do not understand why surgery is so much cheaper outside of the US. Why is it? Is it a lower overhead? Cheaper materials ? The difference in... READ MORE

DVT after BBL - Air travel

I've asked what DVT is and how to prevent them and thank you for your answers. But i don't know if i have a history problem.In the past i had breast... READ MORE

Full medical Clearance?

I live in New york, and i am having surgery in Miami. I have to have a full medical release which includes Full Physical, EKG and blood work. Many Dr.... READ MORE

I am 22 years old, 5'9" tall and I weight 235 lbs. Am I the right candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am 22 years old, 5'9" tall and I weight 235 lbs. I always been a "big" girl in my life so I want to do this for me and myself confidence. I would... READ MORE

What to Expect From Air Travel Following BBL?

I'm going to santo domino in domican republic to get a Brazilian butt lift and eye surgery. 'm staying for 8 days how will I take the plane... READ MORE

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