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Is There a Maximum Amount of CCs of Fat One Can Inject into the Butt?

I was speaking with a surgeon earlier today about getting the Brazilian butt lift. He something along the lines of 500cc's is the most one can... READ MORE

What's the Maximum Amount of Fat That Can Be Safely Harvested to Perform a BBL?

What's the Maximum Amount of Fat That Can Be Safely Harvested to Perform a BBL? READ MORE

Maximizing Lipo Liters for 2 Surgeries: Braziallan Butt and Tummy Tuck (photo)

I want a Brazilian Butt Augmentation with Fat transfer and a Tummy Tuck. I under stand that the safest maximum amount of fat is around 5000cc or 5... READ MORE

In Florida: What's the legal max cc's of fat that can be lipo'ed out & what is the legal max that can be injected in, per cheek?

I want to get maximum results from my bbl. I want to know the max. Cc's of fat you can lipo out and the max cc's of fat you can inject into each cheek. READ MORE

Any tips on how to stretch skin for brazilian butt lift procedure? (photo)

I'm trying to maximize my fat grafting to my butt and hips? I'm scheduled for a second brazilian butt lift procedure in 3 weeks and I'm looking for... READ MORE

What is the Max Amount of Fat That Can Be Removed/Transferred?

Is there a maximum amount of fat that can be removed during liposuction, and a maximum that can be redeposited safely? I have little to no booty...and... READ MORE

What's the Max Cc's for a BBL I Could Get for my Body Type? (photo)

I'm 5 ft 155 lbs Measurements : Bust: 36 Waist: 30 Hips/butt: 42 Thanks! READ MORE

Dr. Azurin, Dr. Jimerson, or Both?

Hi! Would I get the best hourglass results if I went to Dr. Jimerson for BBL & fat grafting to hips first, so I can get the maximum amount of fat... READ MORE

Max Amount of CC's For a 5'9 Person in Each Cheek?

Im thinking about geting a BBL but im not sure if i need to loose a couple pounds first. Im 5'9 and my weght is 230-240. If i do thats fine, but how... READ MORE

Max cc you can get in each side on a butt lift? What's the cost? Where do you take the fat from? Can I pick the area? (Photo)

I want a butt lift.but I want to make sure the doc I go to will make it as big as I want and the right shape. I live in the 33709 area but can travel... READ MORE

I Have About Six Months Until my BBL. Is There Anything I Should I Can Do Now to Maximize my Results? Thanks

I have about six months until my BBL. Is there anything I should I can do now to maximize my results? Thanks READ MORE

How many cc's can be pulled out at time and is there a limit on how much is added back to the buttocks and hips?

Basically to further elaborate, I want to know how much liposuction can you have done while doing a Brazilian butt lift and I would also like to know... READ MORE

How much fat can be grafted from my body for a BBL? (photos)

I have been told that I might be a good candidate for a BBL but I curious about the maximum amount of fat that can be grafted from my body. Looking at... READ MORE

How can I emphasize wide hips? (Photos)

How can I stress to the Dr. that is would like full hips with maximum fat transfered to my butt. Should I specify a certain amount of fat to be... READ MORE

Can all the fat taken or just what is required for the bbl?

I'm having a bbl soon and I was just wondering what would be a reason why a doctor wouldn't take the maximum amount of fat allowed? Do you only take... READ MORE

Wanting a BBL procedure.

I am 5'9" tall and weigh 145 lbs and was wondering if my weight is good enough for this kind of procedure. I am looking to get a huge butt so... READ MORE

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