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Is It Important To Massage After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is massages important or necessary after a brazilian butt lift? How important are they? READ MORE

How Beneficial is It to Have Massages After a Brazilian Butt Lift? How Soon After the Surgery Should They Be Done?

I keep hearing that people who have had the surgery are getting massages done. What areas are massaged and when? Thanks! READ MORE

Massage After Brazilian Butt Lift?

When should I start with the massage after Brazilian Butt Lift? I was told by my friend right after and by the surgeon a month later. When I begin the... READ MORE

What is Meant by a Patient's Skin is Too Tight for a High Amount of Fat Injections?

I've heard some patients mention that thier doctor could not inject the amount of fat they requested because their skin was too tight. What is... READ MORE

Is It Recommended to Have the Butt Massaged After Fat Transfer for BBL and if So How Soon?

I feel a small lump on the right side and don't want any escalated issues if I'm suppose to have it massaged. I'm going into 4 weeks and... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian butt lift 2 months ago and now have 2 lumps on left butt cheeks. Is this normal? (photos)

Last Monday it looked like I had a small bruise on my left butt cheek. Like an idiot I started massaging both my butt checks because they are very... READ MORE

Is Hardness 4 Months Post Op Brazilian Butt Lift Normal?

Four (4) months post-op and I have hardness in one cheek after Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this normal? I purchased a foam roller to massage the hardness.... READ MORE

BBL drains or no drains? Lymphatic Massage or not?

The opinions seem to very greatly! It appears that many of the Miami area doctors depend on drains. Most LA, TX, NY do not. Why use them if the... READ MORE

Will Massage Post Operatively Help Save the Fat or Will It Kill It or Distort the Shape?

What kind of massage is best, lymphatic drainage? Any general light massage to reduce swelling and promote blood supply? Tapotements (Percussion) to... READ MORE

What kind of massages should I be getting after liposuction and bbl?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago in Dominican Republic and got a total of nine massages when I was over there. when I came back home to Canada I continued to... READ MORE

POST-BBL & LIPOSUCTION.... What Massages Do You Recommend? How Soon? at What Exact Intervals?

I would like to have lipo of the entire the upper body (including arms & stomach) & subsequent grafting to the buttocks (BBL). For post-op ...... READ MORE

Massages After Bbl Necessary or Mandatory?

I need to know what I should be looking into and jot everything down that I need to do, so please give honest answers!! READ MORE

Dent in butt after injury 2 weeks post op BBL. What can I do to make it go away?

Hi, I had a bbl two weeks ago and yesterday my now EX boyfriend started pushing Me around and Being abusive, I got pushed into the wall and hit my... READ MORE

Whats Postop Care for BBL? Massages, How Often, Garments:butt in or Out, What Stage Garments, Abd Board or Lipo Foam? (photo)

I'm 5'5" and 160#'s. Should I do Aggressive Lipo and BBL before a tummy tuck/mini tummy tuck or would I get good results doing all three procedures? I... READ MORE

Could 1 Strong Massage on my Butt Affect my Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Hey i did a Brazilian butt Lift and my doctor injected fat in my butt and hips After 7 days ( post-op) i started my first drenaige , however the woman... READ MORE

What Type of Massage is Recommended when You Get Back Home from BBL? (photo)

What type of how often should it be done? Do they massage the butt or just the areas of lipo done? READ MORE

I can't even button up my stage 1 garment and it used to be effortless. Is this normal 6 days post op?

I am 6 days post op from lipo and bbl. I've had 3 massages and I look worse than I did post op day 1. I am now extremely swollen mainly in the abdomen... READ MORE

11 weeks post op bbl. I'm so upset with how my tummy looks. (photos)

It was smooth just above my belly button before now lumpy. Is this my end result of my tummy? I wore my garment for about 6 weeks 23/7 then 8/12 hrs a... READ MORE

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