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Would a Brazilian Butt Look Feminine on a Man?

I mean man's butts are totally different than women's butts. seems to me that man's butt has like a hole on the side of each cheek. Are... READ MORE

Is A Gay Guy with Hourglass Figure Possible? How Can I Best Go About Feminizing my Male Figure?

Black fem gay male in the DC area. Finally committing to learn more about options that will feminize my shape so that I have more of a hourglass... READ MORE

Do Many Men Get the Brazilian Buttlift

Do Many Men Get the Brazilian Buttlift READ MORE

I'm a male and I'd like to have a "bubble butt." What procedure would give me a big and full, yet masculine butt? (photos)

The men in my family just weren't blessed with big butts and though I've been working out and weight training for over a year, I just can't seem to... READ MORE

Can a BBL Work on a 5'-11? (photo)

I am a male bodybuilder in his early 50's. Due to bad knees I can no longer do very heavy leg work and my once large muscular glutes are disappearing.... READ MORE

Who Would Perform the Brazilian Butt Lift on Me and Acheive my Desire Look? (photo)

Im 26, 6ft 3, 200-210lbs. I hear about women getting the procedure done but what about men? Can men have the lift and also do i have enough fat to... READ MORE

A guy getting a Brazilain Butt Lift, can I get results while still looking natural? (photo)

I'm a 22 year old guy who wants a brazilian butt lift, I want a big bubble butt but so it still looks natural. I want it to be big and round and stick... READ MORE

Can I get a round, feminine butt and hips with lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I'm 5' 10", and weigh 185. I have a decent but for a guy but I am transgender and live part time as a female. I'd love nothing more than to enhance my... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for BBL? or Implants? Also, Have Many Men Had This Done?

I've Found Only 3 Before/bet Pictures of men and yet there are hundreds of pics of women. I'm worried I'd end up with a feminine butt. READ MORE

Is there an Ideal Age Range for BBL Candidates?

Im male 38 years in good health not smoking no alcohol i wonder if there is a limite age not suitable for the bbl or the risk will be high , and if my... READ MORE

I'm a 6ft male and I weight 158 with size 30 waist. I want a Brazilian butt lift. Do I have enough fat? (Photo)

I have a small butt and I would like it to be a little bit bigger and like a bubble butt. I'm a 6ft male and I weight 158 with size 30 waist. I want a... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Letting Yourself Go?

I'm a guy, and I want to get a Brazilian butt lift to increase the size of my butt, but I am athletic, and muscular, and I don't have a lot of fatty... READ MORE

Male BBL - is it possible?

I'm going for a BBL in May in MIami.. ive submitted my pictures since I'm from out of town. And pretty much told them what I wanted. A bigger butt and... READ MORE

Are there any recovery houses in Bal Harbour/Miami that allow men?

I plan to have a BBL and the ones I've looked at service women exclusively. READ MORE

Gain Weight and Use the Fat for Brazilian Lift for 35yo Male?

Hello Drs. So can the resulting fat from the weight gain be used successfully to create a somewhat more fuller look (in particular the lower buttocks... READ MORE

Would be is it worth it to reshape your butt with less than 500cc per cheek?

Im considering doing BBL. I.m a built guy but my rear end is not my proudest area. Mainly i need to correct some irregularities i have from a previous... READ MORE

I'm a male & want to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. Is it possible to attain a bigger butt without it looking feminine? (photo)

Is it possible to retain the shape of my butt and only increase its size? I currently measure 35 inch on waist and only 41 inches around the glute... READ MORE

I'm a male and would like buttock implants to add volume. Why would you prefer Brazilian Butt Lift than Butt Implant?

I'm a male and would like buttock implants to add volume to my flat, basically square buttocks. I would prefer implants to the Brazilian butt lift... READ MORE

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