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Methods To Maximize Fat Survival After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Are there any measures I can take to store as much fat as possible after it is transferred to my buttocks? I think the doctors will only be able to... READ MORE

How to Maintain Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

If I get Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer to the buttocks, how can I maintain its shape and firmness? If I exercise will I lose the "plumpness" of... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Increase Fat Survival in a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to increase the chance of fat survival. Maybe take some vitamins to encourage colagen production?... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift. Do You Need to Have Continuous Follow Ups to Maintain the Fat?

Hello, I got 2 procedure of a brazilian butt lift about 2 years ago the fat that I have now is that going to be perminent for the rest of my life? or... READ MORE

Workouts After BBL?

I'm two months post op and was wondering what exercises I should stay away from (I don't want my butt to go away) and what exercises I can do (that... READ MORE

What is the best way to maintain the results of BBL?

What is the best way to maintain the results of BBL? is there a special diet and exercise routine remmended? Low carb, high protein? Am I allowed to... READ MORE

How do I maintain the weight for a BBL after the surgery?

If I've been asked to gain 15lbs for the BBL, how do I maintain that weight? I'm 145lbs, adding 15 lbs is 160. After the surgery, when is the best... READ MORE

5 weeks after BBL, can I start doing squats to maintain my butt size or even make it bigger?

I had BBL 5 weeks ago, my body has no more swelling and i can move fine, i wont do cardio but can i do squats and butt enhancing exercises now? Is it... READ MORE

Will my Thick, Toned Thighs Go Away While I Try to Keep the Weight off my Stomach and Back After Brazillian Butt Lift?

I don't know if this is more a question for doctors or a fitness expert. I want a brazillian butt lift...mostly because I HATE my back fat and I want... READ MORE

Will running case me to lose the fat that would be transferred to my buttocks for a BBL? (photo)

I love to run, that is my go to cardio; but as a result I have lose weight in my hips and buttock. I love my curvy hips and butt so, I've deceived to... READ MORE

How can I maintain my results after a BBL? I don't want to lose any projection or the shape.

I work out at the gym 5 days a week and I want to know what exercises to avoid after my BBL. READ MORE

I'm I losing too much weight after BBL/TT? (photos)

Am I losing too much weight too fast after my tummy tuck/bbl. I was 171 before surgery, 178 after surgery and now 2 weeks later I'm at 159. I'm... READ MORE

Bbl and Ba, how to maintain shape and size after surgery in a year? Thank you for your replies!

I know that the bbl is not guaranteed to last forever as most of the fat disappears, however, Is it possible to maintain the fat and shape by... READ MORE

Fitness coach and BBL.

I'm a fitness coach and love to workout I do not want to loose my passion in life but i really want to have a BBL. It's really frustrating, I'm scared... READ MORE

Will my butt get smaller? (Photo)

After surgery results which I love, will they last? And how much will stay? What to eat to maintain results ? READ MORE

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