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How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

I am wondering if the fat put into the butt surgically could melt away with time. Since I'm considering that procedure I want to know how long does it... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift but I Heard It Goes Away in Time, Is This True?

I wanted to get it but can i work out and stuff and still have my butt not go down, i want to have a nice slimmer body with a ounder buttÉ what... READ MORE

Is It True That After a Yr the BBL Results Start to Fade?

Is It True That After a Yr the BBL Results Start to Fade? READ MORE

How long should I wear compression socks after surgery?

I've noticed that girls wear compression socks after a bbl surgery. Why it recommended that girls wear them and how long after surgery should they be... READ MORE

How to Keep Fat Grafting in Buttocks After Having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian Buttlift 3 months ago: i wish to keep the fat in my buttocks for a long time. How can i achieve that? READ MORE

Will A PRP Injection Increase Longevity Of Fat Transfer?

Hi .. my Dr says if fat injection for (a second Brazilian butt lift )is combined with PRP injection the fat would not disappear is that truth ? thank you READ MORE

Any Thoughts on Posting LONG TERM BBL Result Photos?

Why don't most Doctors who perform Brazilian Butt LiIft Show their LONG TERM results? Everyone's behind looks big and round at one or two weeks post... READ MORE

I Want my Brazilian Butt Lift to Last for at Least Ten Years. What is This Dependent On?

Besides keeping my weight stable and living a healthy lifestyle, how does a succesful brazilian butt lift depend on the skill of the surgeon? Are... READ MORE

If I Get a BBL, and Begin a Hard Core Working out Routine Will I Loose the Fat Injected?

I have starded to work out doing crossfit. I love it it is hardcore and all. After two kids my butt is not as cute as it was before. I am a curvy... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Gluteal Implants? Which Lasts Longer

My midsection is my problem area whether I loose weight or not; I will still have a larger upper portion as compared to my lower half.I'm wanting... READ MORE

Do the Results from a BBL Dissolve After a Few Years? Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

Does a brazilian butt disolves after a few years,do u think im a right candidate as im going for bbl in 2wks READ MORE

Will Massage Post Operatively Help Save the Fat or Will It Kill It or Distort the Shape?

What kind of massage is best, lymphatic drainage? Any general light massage to reduce swelling and promote blood supply? Tapotements (Percussion) to... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift- How Much Would my Size Go Down in One Year? (photo)

I had Brazilian Butt Lift in January 2012. I am getting worried if it is going to go smaller. How much butt size should I expect to go down after one... READ MORE

Is Getting a Touch Up Done on a BBL After 12 Months Safe? Will Results Be More Prominent?

I am wanting to get a touch up done on my bbl that i had 9 months ago. Ill be going in for the touch up at 12 months. Im wondering if by doing a touch... READ MORE

Maximizing Lipo Liters for 2 Surgeries: Braziallan Butt and Tummy Tuck (photo)

I want a Brazilian Butt Augmentation with Fat transfer and a Tummy Tuck. I under stand that the safest maximum amount of fat is around 5000cc or 5... READ MORE

How long does the fat transfer to the buttocks last? (Photo)

I am hoping to get a bigger and more shaped butt along with a smaller waist. I want the results to be worth the money. How does the pricing work?... READ MORE

If I stand on my feet for a longer period of time after a Brazilian butt lift that would damage my fat?

I had my bbl 8 days ago and I been walking a lot ( cooking, supermarket, etc) and im afraid now because i dont know if that would damage my new fat.... READ MORE

Fluff and drop after Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can someone explain to me what exactly will happen when my butt fluff and drop?? and how long I have to wait to see that?? thank you i'm 4 weeks post op READ MORE

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