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Local Anesthesia for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am afraid of getting general anesthesia, but want to get a brazilian butt lift. Can it be performed under local anesthesia? READ MORE

Smokers Risks for Local Anesthesia For Brazilian Butt Lift?

I smoke socially, no smoking on the week, one pack y the weekend.... I am having surgery in one week, but is local anesthesia, lipo with fat transfer... READ MORE

Normal To Be Getting Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia with Fat Transfer?

I am having lipo under local anesth in 11 days with fat transfer to the butt.miami. Im skinny, but no waist, fat is only on the waist. I am 5'4... READ MORE

Should I get BBL done with general anesthesia or local? (Photo)

I do not have a lot of fat and thus wondering if local will suffice. 2 Doctors I am interested in & have also checked their pix. 1 of the 2 docs costs... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Get BBL with Local Anesthesia While Sedated?

My doctor said that insted of general anesthesia in a bbl hes going to use local and that i will be sedatded. What does that mean? Is it safe? READ MORE

Can I have a Brazillian butt lift with local anesthesia? (Photo)

I want to do a brazillian butt lift to shape my butt and give a more hourglass silhouette... I'm extremely nervous to go under general so i want to do... READ MORE

BBL Done Under Local IV Sedation? (photo)

Finally able to upload pics.. So as I stated in previous questions, 1) am I a good candidate for huge projection with a BBL(I weigh 176 pds,5'0- i was... READ MORE

BBL with Local and IV Sedation?

Can dramatic projection to buttocks be obtained with BBL if using local anesthesia with Iv sedation -versus- general?? I havent seen many pictures... READ MORE

Fat Not Filtered for Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Hello 4 days ago i had a butt augmentation. I was under local anesthesia so was aware of what was going on. The dr was great but i noticed that the... READ MORE

BBL anesthesia options. Local anesthesia?

What are the options for anesthesia? Want lipo and fat transfer bbl. Too afraid to be put to sleep. Are there diff local anesthesia? READ MORE

General Anesthesia Or Local Anesthesia?

I see a lot of surgeons use general anesthesia, while not many use local anesthesia, what's the difference? Which one is safer? READ MORE

BBL surgery in Hattiesburg, MS or nearest city. Will I have the option for local anesthesia? How long is the procedure?

I'm a 27 yr old african American woman who's 5'3 and 140lbs.. I carry a large amount of weight in my midsection.. I don't have a but whatsoever lol..... READ MORE

Can a liposuction and BBL be performed with local anesthesia Instead of general?

I'am 29 old, 90kg, 168cm, i have central obesity in my stomach, tummy, and my back but i don't have any butt, i went to doctor who said will do... READ MORE

Would it be safer for me to have brazillian butt lift with local anesthesia due to my health, or would general be safer?

I had 3 C-sections and have a history of Pulmonary embolism and have tested positive for Protein S Defiency and also have Lupus Anti-Phospholipid and... READ MORE

Im having BBL and lipo in DR. What are my chances for adverse effects to the Midozolam (blue pill) and epidural?

I have acute Bronchitis, and I take phentramine pills for weight loss. I stopped drinking alcohol last week my sx is in 10 days. READ MORE

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