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Brazilian Butt Lift Through Smart Lipo?

Can Brazilian Butt Lift be done with fat obtained through Smart Lipo, or does the fat have to be harvested through traditional Liposuction? READ MORE

Can you continue to do laser hair removal if you get a BBL?

Every couple of months I do laser hair removal for the lower half of the body, will it effect the fat cells in any way? READ MORE

Should you shave all the hair from vagina and butt?

Getting a tummy tuck next week and Brazilian butt lift/ fat transfer. Is it recommended to shave or is laser hair removal best . READ MORE

Risks involved with laser hair removal before or after a BBL?

Will having full body laser hair removal before or after a Brazilian Butt Lift be harmful? How long should the wait between the procedures be? Thank you. READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lipo in stomach and love handles with fat transfer to butt and hips? (photos)

27 y/o with two kids one is a csection. 150lbs. I workout two times a day with 1 hr cardio and 1 hr at the gym lifting very heavy weights. Happy with... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a BBL & laser type treatments to tighten the my sagging butt from botched liposuction? (photo)

43 year old female. Liposuction to my hips, buttocks, and thighs in 2011. Resulted in a sagging, misshapen butt. 5' 8" and 145# (145 is about 10# more... READ MORE

Scarring from Brazilian Butt Lift - can laser help? (photos)

I'm 5 weeks post-op from a BBL. Happy with the contour but scars are very conspicuous (pictures) 1) The dispersed pigmentation around the scars- is it... READ MORE

How does laser for bbl post op healing work?

How does that work & what are the steps during?!?!?!?! will it hurt? would any other doctor use this method? im 2 weeks & 3 days post op is it meant... READ MORE

Can bbl be done with laser lipo? Will it yield the same results?

I am scheduled to have a bbl using laser lipo. I have loose stomach skin from 2 pregnancies so the doctor thinks the tightening from the laser would... READ MORE

Can laser lipolysis and brazilian butt lift be done in the same week ?

I want to do the bbl with fisher but i want to have some unrelated areas laser lipoed at a different clinic. Can i do the laser lipo a few days before... READ MORE

Why are patients getting burned after getting a BBL with lipo?

I'm so confused! I read a few doctors post talking about how patients should never get burned after having a BBL b/c in order to get a lip burn... READ MORE

Emulisified fat from laser Lipo ok for Brazilian butt lift?

Can a individual get the newer laser liposuction procedures that provide fat emulsions from the laser and use the harvested emulsified adipose tissue... READ MORE

Can you use obagi skin bleaching cream with a series of BBL treatments at the same time?

I had several burns places that were diagnosed by 2 other plastic surgeon caused after a deep ablative surgery and mid use of the laser over a year... READ MORE

Is it ok to have a Laser Lipo treatment and a Liposculpture done 3 months apart?

So I've had a laser Lipo treatment on my thighs last week, and I have 3 more treatments scheduled this month. But just last night I read somewhere... READ MORE

Botched Lipo and Brazilian Butt lift gave me major cellulite! What should I do to fix this? (Photo)

I got liposuction and a brazilian butt lift from a crazy surgeon in NYC. My body was never the same. My stomach didn't become flat but now is rolls... READ MORE

How can I removed my hyperpigmented scar from BBL? (photos)

This was a result of a post-op BBL where the foam was rubbing against my skin. The Dr has been great at working with me offering laser and... READ MORE

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