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Brazilian Butt Lift for Leg and Back Pain?

I need a Brazilian Butt Lift because my butt has no shape. My butt and legs meet as one, causing back and leg pain. Can insurance pay for this, as I... READ MORE

Will Medicare Pay for a Butt Lift or Fat Injections?

I was wondering if medicare and state farm pay for a butt lift or fat injections? thats the insurance that i have i do not have pictures i can get... READ MORE

Should I Get Health Insurance?

What would health insurance cover when dealing with a brazil butt lift? Should I spend the extra money to get it or just continue saving for my meds... READ MORE

Can Any Part of a BBL Procedure Be Covered by Insurance?

I don't think the actual procedure, but maybe the meds afterwards, or the garment, or post surgery massages? READ MORE

Which doctors accept Alphaeon Credit for a BBL?

I am seeking doctors throughout the US who accept Alphaeon Credit. I woulf prefer someone in Florida, or in Georgia, or whoever is best. I have... READ MORE

No Medical Insurance For BBL

What expenses would insurance cover relating to brazil butt lift? Should I buy insurance or just save the money for other costs? READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift be covered by insurance after Gastric Bypass and extreme weight loss?

I weigh 130 lbs after a successful Gastric Bypass several years ago, my tummy tuck looks good but my butt is flat (hereitary). Can this be called... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL using insurance? (photo)

I'm wanting a Brazilian butt lift..maybe implant..i don't know for sure ..i was maybe wondering what you thought ? READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons in the United States have insurance covering Canadian patients in the event of an emergency?

I am a 27 year old Canadian woman looking to have a BBL done in Miami. I would be staying in Miami 12 days post op. My health insurance through work... READ MORE

The state and insurance?

Hi :) i want to go to the states to get a Brazilian butt lift. I am from Denmark and we have free medical so i do not have any medical insurance. I... READ MORE

When can I get my preoperative testing done?

I plan on getting a Bbl/lipo (not aggressive). However given the lack of experienced doctors in the NW who perform bbl, I plan on going out of state... READ MORE

Is it free? How much it is for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Do you take certain insurance to cover half the cost?

I would love to get one i havent been like how it look lately referring to my butt and i want it done READ MORE

Estimated cost for post op meds with no insurance? Any insurance companies that cover post op meds or post op complications?

Im looking to see if i can get help with the cost of post op meds and complications if any may arise? READ MORE

Interested in getting a BBL, what questions should I ask the doctor? Also, is medical malpractice insurance important?

The doctor I'm interested in doesn't have many reviews on RealSelf but I see a lot of BBL photos on his website. Should I be concerned? Also, his... READ MORE

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