Inner Thighs + Brazilian Butt Lift

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BBL or Lipo For Loose Inner Thigh Skin? (photo)

I have loose inner thigh skin but would like to have slimmer thighs and more volume in butt. Woul I be a good candidate to get lipo on thighs to make... READ MORE

Bruises after BBL and lipo. Are they normal? Should I wear garment + waist belt all the time? (Photo)

I had lipo from tummy, inner&outer thighs transferred to butt 27Jan. 24y/o, 170cm 71kg. Skin was not saggy to begin with, I just had excess fat. Are... READ MORE

Where would you take fat from to have a nice hourglass figure? (Photo)

My surgeon says he could take fat from my back, flank, love handle and tummy. But also from my saddlebag , inner tights and knees. Concerning the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Fat Transfer to Love Handles? (photo)

I unknowingly had Thermage (falsely marketed) done on my love handles (suggested by "practitioner") 3 years ago and it drastically changed my body... READ MORE

Not Enough Fat, But I Think I Do. Need to Find a Doctor That's Under 6000?

I had weight loss surgery may 2004 i have sagging skin on my inner thighs. i am looking to find a doctor that does thigh lift and brazilian butt lifts... READ MORE

Where is the Greatest Amount of Usable Fat Located for a BBL?

I'm planning to get a BBL procedure and I am fairly muscular and toned. I dont think that I have the greatest amount of fat in the areas that the... READ MORE

Do I have too much for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photo)

I am looking to get either liposuction or BBL. Ideally, I would love to get a BBL & have my stomach, back fat, flanks, & inner thighs treated. But is... READ MORE

I want a waist, inner thigh, saddlebag, and love handle reduction. What procedure would work the best for me? (photos)

I'm 18, 5'7" and 127 lbs. I eat very healthy. I am considerably content with my body. I want a few things changed. I already have a darn good shape,... READ MORE

Do I need to gain weight for a bbl? I am a size 10 and hoping for a full pert bum which is in proportion to my body (Photo)

How many CC do you think I would need in each cheek? Can I lipo my inner thighs? Can a surgeon lift my bum with the BBL as it is sagging?. READ MORE

Can I get a Brazilian butt lift with extra lipo to arms, inner thighs, and back bra line in one day?

Im 220 i want to be about 160 but have the surgury take me down to about 180. if possible READ MORE

Should I get a bbl or just liposuction? (Photo)

My butt is already a decent size and I think if I just get liposuction it will be even more prominent. I was considering getting a bbl with... READ MORE

Which surgery first? BBL, tummy tuck, breast augmentation.

After bariatric surgery I would like a BBL, a TummyTuck, breast augmentation and maybe my bat wings and inner thighs trimmed down. What do I do first? READ MORE

Am I a candidate for BBL with breast augmentation? (Photo)

Am I a candidate for bbl and breast augmentation? I am a mother of three and am 5ft 4inches tall and weigh 143lbs. I want to gave a bbl with lipo to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift? (photos)

I live in New York but I was thinking of going to Florida for my surgery. I am 21 years old 5"4 and weigh 165 pounds. I wanted to do lipo on my back,... READ MORE

Is my compression garment causing my pubic area to break out?

I had liposuction on inner thigh, abdomen, and flanks and a Brazilian butt lift about two weeks ago. However, my garment is rubbing the skin around... READ MORE

Is gaining weight an option for the Brazillian Butt lift if you intend on maintaining the weight?

I'm about 117 currently and have been about 127 before. I have fat in my saddle bags/inner thighs but it's not enough to give me the result I want... READ MORE

Do I have enough body fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photo)

Hello, Do I have enough body fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? I am 5'4, 135 lbs. I am very interested in getting a BBL procedure in order to achieve an... READ MORE

Can fat from arms or neck area be taken for Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? (Photo)

I'm looking to have a Brazilian Butt Lift and I know they take fat from other areas but can you request from where? My arms with the armpit/breast... READ MORE

How much will it cost for me to have my fat transfer from my back and stomach to my buttocks?

How much will it cost for me to have my fat transfer from my back and stomach to my buttocks? I also would like to know how much will it cost to have... READ MORE

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