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Injecting Fat into the Lateral Buttocks Vs Injecting Fat into the Hips?

I have narrow hips and tend to carry most of my fat in my abdomen area. I would like to decrease my waist line with liposuction and have the fat... READ MORE

In a Brazilian Butt Lift is the Fat Injected Under the Muscle or Above the Muscle?

I have undergone a Brazilian butt lift and the fat has reabsorbed to the point that it doesnt look like ive done any cosmetic surgery on it except for... READ MORE

Where is the Fat Injected During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For optimal results of a BBL, where is the fat injected? Below, in, or on top of the muscle? READ MORE

How can I get rid of injection scars on my butt?

I got these injections when I was young but now they have given me deep scars on both my buttocks. I went to my Gp in 2011 he refered me to a... READ MORE

How Many Incisions Would I Need for Brazil Butt Lift with Lipo to Abdomen, Flanks, and Thighs?

I am getting a brazil butt lift. I would like to get lipo to my full abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. How many incisions would I need? READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Grafting?

Is it possible to insert fat beind the muscle with a brazilian butt lift and fat graft?  READ MORE

Where Is the Best Place To Inject Fat For BBL For Long Lasting Results?

Where is the best place (muscle or skin) to inject the fat when doing a BBL to get a good and log lasting result? The most permanent results... READ MORE

BBL - Does the injection go above the muscle or in the muscle?

For Brazilian butt lift, do you i next fat above the gluteal muscles or do you also I jet intramuscularly? If you inject intramuscularly, does this... READ MORE

When Performing a BBL I Heard It's Best to Inject the Fat into Muscle Because of the Blood Supply?

I want to do a bbl n have had one done before but lost all the fat graft...I gained a bit of weight for round two so I can have some donor areas, the... READ MORE

The injection site after fat transfer to buttock is hard and raw. What has happened?

The area injected is hard as a rock and is raw feeling to touch. Feels like I am sitting on a rock and is difficult to sit. What has happened? READ MORE

when doing a fat transfer to the buttocks is there only one area the dr should inject ?

I recently got fat transfer to my buttocks area and the dr injected at the top only. He said injecting the fat at the top would allow the fat to fall... READ MORE

Are there any statistics on what percent of fat doesn't take when injected into the fat layer rather than the muscle?

I am considering asking my surgeon only to inject the fat into the fat layer of my butt rather than the muscle for safety reasons.  READ MORE

I have Drainage at sites where fat was injected? Is this normal?

I had BBL 2 days ago and there is draining coming from the sites where the fat was injected? Is this normal and how long should I expect drainage? READ MORE

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