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is the lump on my butt cheek infected? 3 months post-op. (photos)

I had a bbl in December 2016, I recently got a lump that appear on my left cheeck. It is red, warm to touch and painful. I know those are s/s of an... READ MORE

Is my Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) infected? (photos)

Yesterday I went to my one week post op visit for a Brazilian Butt Lift. All was well, no issues. Then, last night after showering, I noticed my butt... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for a fat transfer to my buttocks? (Photo)

I got butt implants put in October of last year but they got infected and had to be removed. I still want a fuller more perky bottom. I am 5' 1 and... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op: Is this an infection and what can I do to help it? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck one year ago. Then 2 weeks ago went back in for bbl and the dr fixed my belly button from the first time because it was really long... READ MORE

Antibiotics before BBL-- UPDATED TO MY QUESTION

My umbilical hernia repair surgeon has recommended that I take the antibiotic Bactrim (spelling?) until Mon and says it should clear up. (woke up... READ MORE

How can you tell if you have an infection in your buttocks after a BBL procedure?

I had a BBL procedure done September 29th which will be 2 weeks on Thursday. Since I had this procedure done I've been experiencing throbbing on my... READ MORE

Can you develop infection 1.5 years after BBL?

It's been almost 2 years since I got my BBL but I've recently been experiencing itchiness, quite a bit of progressive fat atrophy (around buttocks and... READ MORE

What could this be? I dried my faja and put it on, two days after I notice I had marks on my left butt cheek? (photo)

Hello everything was fine, until I dried my faja and put it on, two days after I notice I had marks on my left butt cheek I contacted my surgeon he... READ MORE

I've developed a red spot vertically across my incision line in the center of my pubic area. Is it an infection?

I've developed a red spot vertically across my incision line in the center of my pubic area. Doc thinks it's irritation from the binders. The spot has... READ MORE

Hard lump after BBL. Could this be an infection? Should I be worried? (Photo)

4 weeks post bbl and I noticed a small hard lump on left buttock it is kind of warm and I am taking antibiotics.. could this be an infection? I'm... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat and would I get the results that I was aspiring to originally get? (Photo)

I'm 4'11 122lbs had a BBL March 2015 develop and infection which left me with a deformity. Would like to get a revision March 2016. I know I might... READ MORE

When can I go beach tanning after BBL? 2 months post-op.

On my 2 week post op. I had infection. 5 weeks in antibiotics infection is gone. I am 9 weeks PO. When is it safe to go to beach? Also I want to Lipo... READ MORE

is it bad to do squats 3 weeks after Brazilian butt lift?

It's been 3 weeks since I got my bbl and I did 200 squats today I was kind of sore when I was doing them but it wasn't that bad when I got in the... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post op. My right butt cheek is hot. Is this a sign of an infection? (Photo)

I got my surgery done on the 17th of August it is now September 7 and I have noticed that my right butt cheek is hot to the touch. Is this a sign of... READ MORE

I have groin lymph glands after Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this normal?

Hi i had my bbl almost 6 months ago and now i have Groin lymph glands both sides is that some infection from the surjery or other resons ?? READ MORE

Can I have a BMI of 20 and get a Brazilian butt lift and will gaining a little bit of weight help with this procedure?

I'm 5 foot 5 weighing 120 with a bmi of 20. I would like an actually noticeable difference in my butt. Am I an ok candidate for a bbl? I am a little... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery.

Which is the better method that will reduce infections and speed up the healing process when the Brazilian Butt Lift is performed; drains or no drains... READ MORE

How long does the butt take to get soft? How can I tell if it will stay hard, and will this infection ruin surrounding tissue?

I got Lipo and fat transfer 7-3-15 the following week cld barely walk found out both cheeks were infected went to hospital where they made incisions... READ MORE

Cellulite infection after BBL. Could it be rejection of the fat? (photo)

Doctors don't know whtas going on becuase i have been three month in antibiotics diferent one , and they go away but when that happen i start gettiing... READ MORE

9 months post BBL & one cheek feels discomfort on & off. I have an enlarged lymph node in sacral area. Is it an infection?

I have no harden areas, redness, fever but I have a sensation of warmth internally but not when touching the skin. I've taken NSAIDs and applied warm... READ MORE

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