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I had my fat transfer to the butt 3 days ago (3/12/15). Curious to know how long it takes for me to see the results. (Photo)

Looking at my before and after pictures, I don't see any changes,it's now been 3 days and I wanted to know will I begin to show improvement or should... READ MORE

What are the typical long term results of a Brazilian Butt Lift? How is the recovery typically handled?

I have a lot of weight and my once large, round buttocks has now become flattened and sagging. After physical training I've notice some improvement it... READ MORE

Is my butt going to change its 3 weeks now? (photos)

My doctor says you swell up like a box shape from surgery, then the shape improves dramatically with time and decreased swelling. But my butt still... READ MORE

My BBL doesn't look right - need a 2nd round? (photos)

I'm 2 months 5 days post opp. Will my shape improve? I know I'm suppose to wait 3-6 months but I just want to know if it's healing correctly Or will I... READ MORE

What shapes can a Square booty with dents on sides get transformed into?

Can it become a bubble or heart or a combination of both? I don't want to have the same squarish butt with a shelf I see some girls get. Although an... READ MORE

Do I need lipo or bbl? (photos)

I'm thinking to improve my body . But I don't want to work out . So do I need lipo or bbl? I don't know why but for last month I gained like 10 lbs .... READ MORE

Do you think a BBL might improve the texture of my buttocks skin and will make it smoother? (photos)

Thank you for your answers. I made up my mind to go ahead with BBL for a natural butt (instead of a real big one).. READ MORE

How much of an improvement can I expect from a BBL? (photos)

My concern with my butt is it is not at all proportional to my legs. Also, the shape is too "V" looking. Can I somewhat change that? Would I be a good... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a BBL with own fat? (photos)

Im really interested in a BBL with fat transfer & not with implants. Im 5'7 Feet & weigh 143 ibs. I don't want to have a big butt, rather a... READ MORE

I had lipo, tummy tuck, and bbl 7 weeks ago and most of the pain has subsided. Some soreness and my butt keeps shrinking?

However, my butt cheeks are still sore to the touch. Not to mention that it appears to be getting smaller by the day even though I still use my butt... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a BBL and fat transfer to breasts? 5'5", 162 lbs, 29% body fat. (photos)

I am getting a fat transfer and lift to my breasts scheduled March 2017. I want to get a BBL also. My surgeon does not perform a fat transfer to... READ MORE

Remove dents in butt cheeks after fat graft.

I had the fat grafting done for $4000.00 in Aventura and the dents are still there. I was told I need to use a vacuum pump and it should improve. I... READ MORE

Not ready for scar, more than ready for major improvement; could BBL be what gives me the proportions I'm looking for? (Photos)

I'd hoped to be a candidate for mini TT with muscle repair. After consultation and learning PS advises FULL TT, I still thought I could get myself... READ MORE

Does BBL make cellulite look worse?

Does it make cellulite look worse or can in improve the appearance? I have some but if I pull the skin tighter it's more obvious so I would think... READ MORE

Dimpling on the buttock after BBL? (Photos)

Hi I have a dimple on my butt cheek because off a vaccination years ago.. i had a bbl done 2 weeks ago and the surgeon done a fat graft.. he put an... READ MORE

Cellulite: Will a Brazilian butt lift help with this?

Okay, so I'm making a list of surgeries I'm going to do to improve myself (spare me the c•nty remarks of "overdoing it" or "love yourself" or w... READ MORE

BBL; no thigh liposuction?

I am slim but want a subtle improvement / reshaping - there is no way I am having liposuction on my thighs, I already have stretch marks there and... READ MORE

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