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Which is Safest, a Brazilian Butt Lift or a Butt Implants?

Which as safer a Brazilian butt lift or a butt implants also would it be safe for me to get butt implants like nicki minaj ..whats safe for me am... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Alternative for a Butt That is Too Saggy

What other procedures might work to enhance a saggy butt? READ MORE

Can I Get BBL After I Already Got Butt Implants?

I had 565cc oval shape sub-facia butt implants and I am NOT happy with the results. I wanted much bigger butt and the result I got is very... READ MORE

BBL or BBL/butt Implant for Lean and Toned Fitness Girl? (photo)

I'm 5'7'',140 lbs (usually 135 lbs) with body fat% between 12% to 14%. I have tried to gain weight up to 150lbs last year, but still has no... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift After Butt Implant Removal

How Long Should I Wait to Have Fat Transfer After Removing Buttock Implants? READ MORE

Should I have surgery while on the Nexplanon implant?

I have the birth control implant nexplanon (that's in your arm) and im getting BBL and maybe tummy tuck. Should I have it taking out before surgery? READ MORE

How many Cc's do I need to get a butt like kim.k? (Photo)

Hello Dear doctors,, i am 158 cm 60 kg ,, How Many Ccs Do I Need to get like kim.k butt ? I send pics of my butt and wish pics recently i decided to... READ MORE

I tried butt implants 3 years ago and my body rejected them. Could I try again?

Im considering butt injections are they safe? would love to do the brazilian lift (fat transfer) but dont have enough fat on my body what can i do in... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer/bbl?

Got butt implants 3 yrs ago. Had a complication...1 implant became very mobile, revision was attempted. Surgeon tried to tighten the pocket and anchor... READ MORE

Can someone PLEASE give me a honest answer as to how much fat from fat transfer to buttocks "takes" or remains permanently?

Hey guys I'm going round in circles trying to figure out whether to have butt implants or BBL. I'm 5'10 and have 600cc breast implants, I have a... READ MORE

I would like a bigger butt. Could you show me what it would look like with the picture I gave you? (Photo)

I would like to have a slightly bigger butt without it looking like I had a butt job done. I want to know what it would look like and also what the... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a big round butt with just a lipo transfer? (Photo)

I really want a big round butt but can't decide if I should just get a fat transfer or if to get a fat transfer and butt implants my main concern is... READ MORE

5'4, 120 LBS. Could I have a bbl to look close to the woman in the picture? I really don't want implants (Photo)

I want a noticeable hour glass figure I'm scared to spend the money and see little to no results at all. READ MORE

BBL 7 Years After Butt implants?

I am 5"0 106lbs I am in my mid 40s and shapely. I had butt implants 7 yrs ago which has helped a lot but now I have lost volume at the bottom of my... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Brazilian butt lift or implants? (photo)

I want a reliable result! Want this more than anything, but i alrealdy had a breast augmentation that resulted too small, and i dont want that :( READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get a Brazilian Butt Lift or it's better to get butt implant? (Photo)

I am 5"1 and weigh 111 lbs . I don't have much extra fat but i just need a litte volume. I want to know do i have enough fat to achieve my wish pics... READ MORE

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