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Can I get hip injections and how much would they cost?

Is their any kind of procedure that can make my hips wider. i would love to have an hourglass figure along with my butt augmentation. i dont think my... READ MORE

Do Hip Implants or Augmentation Exist?

I would like to give more fullness to my front-facing figure by means of hip augmentation or by creating an illusion of a smaller waist with love... READ MORE

Is A Gay Guy with Hourglass Figure Possible? How Can I Best Go About Feminizing my Male Figure?

Black fem gay male in the DC area. Finally committing to learn more about options that will feminize my shape so that I have more of a hourglass... READ MORE

How Small Can a Doctor Make Your Waist from Lipo?

Hey, okay so in my lower weights my waist goes to about 22 - 23". Right now my waist is 27". Would a doctor be able to suck those 4 - 5 " using... READ MORE

Hourglass Body Shape? (photo)

I am 20 years old. I have been considering plastic surgery for some time now but I am afraid that i wont get the results I desire. I am a very pettite... READ MORE

Possible to Get Dramatic Results w/ Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 5'9 and 182 pounds with a figure that resembles a cardboard box. I hope that a brazilian butt lift can give me the hourglass shape I... READ MORE

Process of Going from an Apple to Hourglass Figure?

Hi there, I am 21 years old and have always had an apple body type (29 inch waist with D cup breasts). I'm 120 lbs at 5'2'' and my lower body is... READ MORE

Is traveling to Cali, Colombia safe for surgery?

So I was planning on traveling to Cali, Colombia for a BBL with either Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas or Dr. William Jimenez. I was dead set on Plazas but he... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for transfer to my hips? (Photo)

I need to have my butt implants re-done because I have formed muscular contracture in the right check and now there is severe asymmetry. I also want... READ MORE

My Buttock is Made Up of Mostly Muscle. I Want a Big Ghetto Booty. Is Fat Trasnfer Rite for Me? (photo)

I weight at 186 pounds and im 5'3. i really want my body to be more of a hourglass shape with a hint of ghetto booty. my buttocks is very firm, made... READ MORE

I Want an Hour Glass Figure. What Will It Cost & How Long Would I Be. Out of Work For?

I'm 27 yrs old 2kids (son 8) (daughter 9months) I'm 5f 6in 202lbs bmi 32 I really want lipo, arm lift, yummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift with fat... READ MORE

Am I Considered a Good Candidate for Bbl and Lipo? (photo)

I need some feedback please! I am 36 years old. Measurements are 36-31-41. I already have a high butt so I unsure if i would benefit from bbl because... READ MORE

How soon after 6 weeks since my last Brazilian butt lift can I have a second BBL performed? I really want bigger hips. (photo)

I asked for most of the fat to be in my hips and the rest in my butt. I do not see much difference, my butt almost looks the same as b4 n I barely... READ MORE

What Do Your Recommend For a Balanced, Hourglass Figure?

I weigh 179lb & 5'4.I have 2 c-section & during the past 3 yrs I have gained & lost weight. I consider myself to have nice shape... READ MORE

Can I get an hourglass shape with a BBL? (photos)

Is it possible for me to get an hourglass shape after a bbl with these pre op photos? Or are my hips too small to take in any fat ? READ MORE

How Realistic Is My Desired Outcome For BBL? (photo)

I have been considering a BBL with lipo and i want 700cc's each. i am 195lbs and believe this is possible as I have much fat to supply. A friend... READ MORE

Can I have a Brazillian butt lift with local anesthesia? (Photo)

I want to do a brazillian butt lift to shape my butt and give a more hourglass silhouette... I'm extremely nervous to go under general so i want to do... READ MORE

Could the New Body Lose Its Shape After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am very interested in this procedure, in hopes of reshaping my apple body to an hour glass shape. It possible the body loses the new shape and goes... READ MORE

Where would you take fat from to have a nice hourglass figure? (Photo)

My surgeon says he could take fat from my back, flank, love handle and tummy. But also from my saddlebag , inner tights and knees. Concerning the... READ MORE

Can hips be created or augmented when getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm interested in acquiring 1200 cc's in each cheek but would also like much more hip added to my body, I'm definitely seeking that hourglass figure.... READ MORE

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