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I Have a Budget of $6,000 or Less, is This a Realistic Goal for a Good Bbl?

Well I am a recent graduate of med sch. And mother of three. Needless to say I'm on a budget. However I do not take the cheap way out when it... READ MORE

I'm over weight can I still get BBL? (Photo)

So I'm interested in getting a BBL, Liposculpture, and Tummy Tuck but I'm overweight I'm 5'3" between 218 and 220 lbs but I am working on getting to... READ MORE

Are my goals for Brazilian Butt lift realistic? (photos)

Hi I finally getting my bbl with Dr. in bay Habour Florida Feb 3 and my only concern is how small I can get my waist and have the butt I always wanted... READ MORE

I am 5'3 173lbs. and I want to get my waist line as small as possible so what should I do? (photos)

Is 160 a good goal or should I try a different approach?  I want to get to at least 160lbs before my bbl in 2 months. My problem is my shape, how... READ MORE

What is the target weight for a female that is 5'3" to be able to have a BBL? (Photo)

I weigh around 137 - 140 now but I'm not sure how much body fat I have. I would like to know how much extra weight I would have to gain if any. READ MORE

Are my BBL goals realistic? (Photo)

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my question. Are my goals realistic? Not wanting a huge, dramatic butt/hips, I just want an improved shape... READ MORE

How many cc do I need for each buttock to achieve goal for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Right now the size of my waist is 34. I would like to increase to a size 40. This photo was just taken. Im concerned I do not have enough fat to... READ MORE

What do you think? Do personal variables mean your dream picture may be just that?

I've been doing my research and have seen what seems to be thousands of photos and I'm beginning to think that the bbl procedure is a lot like getting... READ MORE

How close should I be to my goal weight before getting a BBL?

I am 5ft6 and have already lost approximately 45kg. I am 73Kg and my goal is 63Kg. Is it ok to have a BBl now and a tummytuck a little later in the... READ MORE

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