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I Had a Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift About a Month Ago? (photo)

I am not happy with the result cause it wasn't big as I want it. Is just full looking. What can I do or is there any way my doctor could correct... READ MORE

What Type of Butt Do I Have ? Should I Get Surgery or Just Exersize Alone? (photo)

I am currently 41/2 months pregnant so my stomach and love handles are a little bigger then usual . i was just wondering what butt type i have and if... READ MORE

Can I have a round 2 BBL? (Photos)

My ass is deflating even though I had 900 ccs injected into each cheek I want it fuller. I had 5000 cc taken out on my original bbl in February but my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a full Tummy Tuck and a Brazillian Butt Lift? (photos)

I really want a tummy tuck and a brazillian butt lift to help fill in my irregularities in my buttocks to make them more rounder and fuller. Can I... READ MORE

4 months post op, I gained some weight and my stomach fat came back. Any suggestions?

I had my bbl 4 months ago my stomack after surgery very flat and fuller butt but now i gain some weight i gain in the stomack again not in the butt... READ MORE

Is there any doctor, that will be able to help fix my buttock area, either with fat grafting or butt implants? (Photo)

I had pmma injections in Mexico about a 2yrs ago. I have some depressions on my buttock area from the removal of the substance. Now, that I'm healed,... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat on my back and upper arms for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photo)

I am 110% sure that I DO NOT want implants! I recently had smartlipo on my abdomen but I'm left with a lot of back fat and upper arm fat. I don't have... READ MORE

6 days til BBL surgery - am I too skinny? Will I get a bigger and a bit fuller butt? (Photo)

First I am VERY NERVOUS ... IDK if I should push back 3 months to gain weight nor iF I can even gain weight. Am I too skinny and will I get a bigger... READ MORE

Is 550-600 ccs enough to give me a bigger butt? (Photo)

I has a consultation yesterday and was told by my dr he thinks he can get between 550-600 ccs into each buttcheek . Im not looking for a nicki Minaj... READ MORE

Am I able to get a Brazilian Butt Lift even though I had silicone injections 4yrs ago? Has anyone else had this problem? (Photo)

Ok so I went with a friend and got silicone injections 4 years ago. I don't have any issues now but the top part of my buttocks has indentation. I... READ MORE

What procedure can I have done to give a fuller appearance to the sides of my butt and make my butt bigger and rounder? (photo)

I have a full rear end but on the sides of my butt it is flat and unshapely, when I put a dress on you can see the back coming to the side but it... READ MORE

Can someone recommend a doctor in Miami who does BBL after I had 1 session of PMMA injections done? (Photo)

I have never gotten an infection or any side effects however i wasnt too happy after the session i got since i want a bigger and fuller buttock and... READ MORE

A fuller booty; do I have enough fat? 5'4,170lbs, 36in below the belly button and 32 above (Photos)

I was originally 180lbs when I booked my liposuction and bbl. I heard many people say that they wish they had reached their goal weight before surgery... READ MORE

What is the cost of a booty lift?

I'm 40 yrs old, had 5 kids and my booty sags and dropped. I would like a lift and full booty. READ MORE

I've been looking forward to a BBL and a TT or either just tightening the skin on my belly. (photos)

How much would the procedures cost? I'm 22 years old I have a soon to be 3 year old and I need my body back. I want my stomach to be flat and my... READ MORE

Fat transfer to Butt with Butt implants already?

I have butt implants but One side is fuller and rounder then the other . I have had fat transfer once and the fat lived. The outcome of the procedure... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the size and style of butt I want or is it I get whatever comes out? (photos)

There is nothing I want more than a Brazilian Butt Lift. I am not sure that the way I want my butt & upper body will come out the way I want it. What... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a butt lift, or would a hip lift be a better option? (Photo)

152lbs 5'6, bmi 24ish. i work out a lot. not interested in a big butt, just fuller in the inferior and mid lateral areas. previous sx: breast lift,... READ MORE

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