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Can the Brazilian Butt Lift Fix Extra Gluteal Folds on my Butt?

I am a 37 YO afr/am woman and I have a very flat butt to say the least. I wore braces on my legs when I was 5 YOA. Would my leg deformities... READ MORE

I have extra butt cheeks in between my butt cheeks. How do I get rid of these? (Photo)

These extra folds are ruining my backside look! When I wear capris or pants they show up. Ugh! I'm even exercising and they are not going away. I'll... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift Help with Banana Rolls?

I'm 27, not over wt but w/a big bottom and have developed literally "c shaped folds" under my butt; worse than "banana rolls" caused by lipo 5yrs ago;... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL to increase butt size and change my gluteal folds? (Gluteal sulcus) (Photos)

My major concern with my butt is my folds are very short and straight. They look horrible in jeans. I'm wondering if I can get a result that will make... READ MORE

I had BBL a year ago, and suffered from sciatica for a very long time. Can a doctor prescribe nerve medicine?

I had a bbl done last year I'm not happy with my butt size at all its still flat it seems to me as if my hips just got wider My butt still looks as if... READ MORE

Will these folds go away? (Photos)

I'm 11 days op, I got lipo on lower back, belly and fat transfer to butt, when u take my dress off I notice those crease, my doctor claims it's the... READ MORE

What is the cause of fold on my posterior right thigh and can it be corrected? Is it a double gluteal fold? (Photo)

I have always had this double fold and had a bbl done and thought either the extra fat would lift and correct this problem or the lipo would remove... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon is ivy league educated and seems knowledgeable but he isn't a member of any boards. Is this okay?

Hi there, I thought I found my doctor for my BBL (and possibly breast augmentation). His expertise appears to be the lower body based on photos and... READ MORE

Gluteal fold butt lift with a BBL for volume after the flatness crested with the gluteal excision. Any suggestion (photo)

I want SMALLER than it is now.I would like a butt lift utilizing the gluteal fold procedure. After, my butt will be flat so i want BBL BUT I do not... READ MORE

Deep skin fold/crease on waist since lipo; what are they? Will they go away? (photos)

I had lipo on flanks, waist and tummy 4 days ago and just removed the dressings in my lower back to find a deep skin fold/ crease either side; what... READ MORE

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