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Is Wearing a Garment After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Flattening my Butt?

I am 2 weeks post op and got 1400 cc's to each cheek. The volume in my buttocks has gone down considerably and I would guess I have about 70% of what... READ MORE

BBL: Would the Lipo Include Visceral Fat and Would It Make my Upper and Lower Abs Flatter?

Im 44y/o with 2 grown children, the 2nd one was born at 9lbs on my very small frame 100 lb prepreg and 150 postpreg. I am 5'1 1/2", 169lbs... READ MORE

Dream Look: Perkier Butt & Flat Tummy, Would a BBL Help Achieve this Look? (photo)

Hello all: I am 20 years old, Im 5’4’’ & 138lbs. I don’t have any children. I am considering getting butt augmentation... READ MORE

I want to flatten my stomach & shrink my waist with possible transfer to my butt. What procedures would you recommend? (photo)

Will lipo tighten the skin or remove the fat and leave the skin saggy ? Does lipo or fat transfers leave scars or swelling? READ MORE

BBL flattening after a year?

Will the fat last more than a year after getting the bbl? If not, please explain. READ MORE

What are the typical long term results of a Brazilian Butt Lift? How is the recovery typically handled?

I have a lot of weight and my once large, round buttocks has now become flattened and sagging. After physical training I've notice some improvement it... READ MORE

Is it possible to flatten your butt from returning to normal activities 6wks post op BBL due to sitting without pillow? (Photo)

I am 6 1/2 weeks post op bbl with a recovery of an infection caught during sx. I was cleared by my surgeon to return to all normal activities. I no... READ MORE

Should my stomach be this lumpy 11 weeks post BBL? (Photos)

I'm 11 weeks post bbl and I know it's supposed to take up to 6 months, even a year for the lumps to subside. I see pockets of fat and indentations... READ MORE

I'm 21 days post op, and worried about my compression garment. Is it too tight?

I'm post op day 21(3 weeks post op) and my vedette 929 and 944 does nothing for me. I bought a Stage 2 Compression Garment but I'm afraid it will... READ MORE

Will the BBL last forever or will it flatten with time if I lose weight?

Im curious to know if when I do my bbl will it stay or will it get bigger or with time flatten if I lose weight.they said they remove the fat cells... READ MORE

Can you sit on your bottom right after BBL surgery?

I heard that the latest research from south america states that sitting on your bbl immediately does not flatten your buttocks,many drs abroad just... READ MORE

I had Liposuction of the lower and upper abdomen, flanks and BBL 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions on garments? (photos)

The garment my doctor gave me fits lose now so I bought a new garment that fits just like my first 1 initially did. My concern is that since my butt... READ MORE

Am I a good person who would benefit from a BBL? I want my stomach flatter and my body shaped (Photo)

I want to know would my stomach go down with lipo. Is there a possibility that the skin will shrink after? READ MORE

Should I lose weight before or after a Brazilian butt lift?

At the moment I have extra fat on my body, so I'm at a good size to get a bbl, but after surgery, I would still want to tone my body and lose... READ MORE

Is it possible for my back to be smooth and flat after tummy tuck and lipo, how many cc's would I need for BBL? (photo)

Hello I have lost close to 100lbs & still have large fold pockets of back fat. I am 5'4" 194lbs & I have 2 1/2 months & In the process of loosing 15... READ MORE

Does wearing garments 1 year post op help flatten tummy? (Photo)

My stomach seems to be a lil swollen. The waist not snatch but if I out on a waist trainer it gets really tiny. I work out now hoping for results. I... READ MORE

Had BBL on Friday. I see no big difference, but actually look worse. What should I do now? (photos)

I had a BBL on Friday. It had been discussed with the doctor that all fat from my thighs, especially inner thighs, flanks, stomach, knees should be... READ MORE

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