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Can I Use Someone else Fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm slim and petite, and I have a small butt but i want a Brazilian butt lift . i wanted to know if i can use someone else fat such as family or a... READ MORE

Cost of Lipo/tt/fat Grafting to Breast and Butt? (photo)

How much would I be looking to spend if I wanted to get lipo done from my bra line,tummy,flanks & arms to have fat grafting transferred to my butt... READ MORE

I'm 62 years old female. 7 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift (1000 cc's in each cheek). What percentage might I lose? (photos)

I read somewhere on line that post-menopausal women lose about 50% of grafted fat. Has this been your experience? I don't think my before pics will... READ MORE

Bad lipo and uneven hips. Can it be revised? Do I have to get fat grafting to fix it? (Photo)

I got a BBL with transfer to butt and hips. My lipo is uneven. I have a pocket of protruding fat around my belly button, my groin has a dent, my hips... READ MORE

I Have a High Hernia, my Stomach Protrudes. Is It Safe To Transfer Fat From Abdomen for BBL?

I would like to get fat transfer from my stomach to my butt am not sure is it safe for me because of the high hernia. READ MORE

BBL Vs. Fat Grafting to the Butt. Same Thing?

I want a sculpted appearance not exactly a full BBL. I like my projection as it is. READ MORE

Will Squats for building booty muscle 7 weeks post Brazilian Butt Lift destroy the transferred (grafted) fat?

I'm trying to preserve the little fat transferred and improve the appearance of my booty projection; would heavy lifting squats destroy the fat... READ MORE

Fat Grafting on Lipoed Areas After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi, i recently had brazillian butt lift and am very happy with the way the doctor sculpted me. i am however concerned that in some areas the doctor... READ MORE

Are Bio Identical Hormone Pellets Contraindicated Prior to Cosmetic Surgery?

I have pellets implanted every 3 mo which has changed my life! I will be having a butt lift w fat grafting/inj. and a medial thigh lift in Feb. I was... READ MORE

Dents & dimples on bottom of my butt post-op. Will subcision fix this? Will I need fat transfer? Don't have enough fat (Photo)

6 months post bbl. I have dents and dimples. I never had this pre bbl. Will subcision help or will i need a revision with fat transfer. I dont think i... READ MORE

Can a Previously Liposuctioned Area be Used for Donor Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had liposuction in my flank area about 11 years ago and am now considering a Brazilian Butt Lift. The primary donor areas will be my flanks, upper... READ MORE

How can I help my cellulitus in my butt after fat grafting?

I got liposuction and a brazillian butt lift last Friday. I now have cellulitis which is a huge part of one of my buttucks. My dr gave me antibiotics... READ MORE

Am I a good a candidate for brazilian butt lift (fat grafting) ? (photos)

I am 5'5 133lbs. I really would like to do the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure, but I am afraid Ido not have enough fat to be trtransferred to my... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift question

Is it true if getting Brazilian butt lift that the fat that is transferred can rotten ur butt or turn into hard balls? READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Grafting?

Is it possible to insert fat beind the muscle with a brazilian butt lift and fat graft?  READ MORE

Can I do fat grafting/ Brazilian Butt LIft in my butt after I had pmma and hydrogel injected? (photos)

My buttocks are uneven and I have discolouring. Can I do fatgrafting to camouflage the discolouring and to even up the buttocks? I do not have pain or... READ MORE

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before a Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck?

I am 5'6 200 lbs. i think if i lose the weight i wont have enough fat for the grafts. READ MORE

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