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Brazillian Butt Lift for Thin Girl- Will It Work?

I'm not looking for a huge or even big butt. I'm 21% fat 5ft3in. I don't have much extra fat but I really don't want implants I... READ MORE

I Considering Gettin Butt Injection and How Long Does It Last.

Well iam 42 and i want to get injections but what is safe. Also how much does it cost and how long will it last. READ MORE

Is It True That Several Years After Brazilian Butt Lift Your Butt Starts Deforming?

I'm seeking for the brazilian butt lift and a friend called me last night telling me that she saw a show that shows the bad side of a brazilian... READ MORE

Will Brazilian Butt Lift Help Lift and Make my Butt More Bubble Shaped and Less Square? (photo)

I am 38 and have experienced sagging over time. I would like to know where fat will be taken from or put in to make my butt look lifted, like a bubble... READ MORE

What Would Weight Loss After Brazilian Butt Lift Do To My Results?

I'm having a BBL in about a month . Ive been trying lose weight but its been hard.I want to lose 40 lbs I'm currently 171 lbs 5'3".... READ MORE

I Had Brazilian Butt Lift But I Don't See Much of a Difference. What Can I Expect With Time?

Dr Yager from ny said he put 800cc on each cheek and the reason I don't see the difference it because my fat cell shrink and it's in shock... READ MORE

Regenerative Stem Cells? My Butt Shrank So Much At 6 Wks. Should I Just Wait it Out?

I had a BBL 8 wks ago my PS said that the graft of 650cc would shrink at 5 wks and be pure stem cells and regenerate by the summer b/c they would grow... READ MORE

When does fat drop after revision bbl? (photos)

Dent on lower buttock area after revision at week 5 post op. Will dent go away with time once fat settles ? or this means I hv to go back for a... READ MORE

When Can I Live Like a Normal Person After BBL?

Hello, I am scheduled for a BBL on May 22. I have a work conference in San DIego on July 26th. At that point, will I be able to sit without worrying... READ MORE

Will I See a Big Change With Only 300cc's a Cheek?

I'm 5' 7 38-30-39 148lbs... My doctor only feels he can lipo 1.5 liters so at best I could get about 300 cc per cheek....sure my waist will be... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Fat to Achieve a Kim Kardashian Butt? (photo)

I really want the projection of a kim kardashian buttock but i also want to get a tummy tuck as i have had a child and have dieted in the past but... READ MORE

BBL- Does It Work and How Can I Tell if Lipo Will Leave Me with Loose Skin? (photo)

I've consulted with 7 plastic surgeons and each one had a different answer. The answers I got were: fat grafting doesn't work, liposuction... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift - Recovery Expectations?

I will be receiving surgery on May 10th. I will be traveling to florida to see Dr. Azurin. But I have questions that have not been answered. I'm... READ MORE

I Have a Wrinkly Butt, And I Want a BBBl. Will It Work For Me? (photo)

Im not sure if I need the surgery will it make my butt look better? And would it make me look slimmer? My arms make me look fatter than i look and my... READ MORE

Uneven Buttocks 2 Weeks After Fat Transfer, WIll They Even Out In Time?

This Friday, 2/3/2012, will be 2 weeks since my surgery. I got lipo in my abdomen, inner and outter hips,and got fat transfer to my buttocks. I am... READ MORE

How Many CC's Are Enough? (Brizilian Butt Lift)

I have recently decided to get this procedure done but after a lot of research over the internet I'm a bit worried about not getting my dream... READ MORE

Weight Gain After BBL? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op. I had a BBL and lipo of inner thigh, flanks, full stomach and back (where most of my fat is normally stored). If I should happen... READ MORE

What to Expect with Brazilian Butt Lift and Hip Augmentation?

Hello, My question is what can i expect from fat grafting to butt and hips post op? -Is the aftercare different than just having a bbl? -How... READ MORE

BBL & BA This Coming Summer, but Allergic to Betadine Iodine Solution. Is This a Problem?

For my two vaginal deliveries i was EXCESSIVELY itchy,had terrible burning sensation n developed hives, my gyn said am probably allergic to... READ MORE

What Would the Brazilian Butt Lift Do for Me? (photo)

I have tried to increase the size of my butt with rigorous glute exercises for 2 years . Below is the unsatisfying result of all my hard work. Will a... READ MORE

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