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I am 5'2 a mother of 3 and as many woman I have excess skin left from pregnancy. Full Tummy Tuck or BBL? (photo)

I am 5'2 a mother of 3 and as many woman I have excess skin left from pregnancy. I have always been a medium size figure with a flat bottom. My main... READ MORE

Would it be best to have a tummy tuck or a butt lift first? (Photos)

I have lost a lot of weight and have a huge hanging stomach. I am 260 ish I go between 270 and 250 not really losing any more weight. With this weight... READ MORE

How much would a Brazilian Butt lift combined with Lipo be for me in my abdominal area? (photos)

After having two csections . my stomach has never been the same. Even at my smallest i just cant seem to get rid of the flabbing pouch. i guess its... READ MORE

How many CC do you think I can get to use for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

As you can see from my pics i dont have alot of fat just excess skin can anyone tell me approx how many CC they think i can get to use for a bbl?? ive... READ MORE

How much would it cost for TT, lipo & BBL? (Photo)

Hello, I am 5'2 and 125 lbs. Looking for estimation / quotes. I have a lot of excess skin after losing >120 lbs. thanks a lot. READ MORE

Butt Implant/fat Transfer? I Guess You Can Call It a Mommy Make Over.

I had a baby about 4 years ago and was left with excessive skin not so much to get a tummy tuck i don't think im currently pregnant and would like to... READ MORE

What would you recommend between Brazilian Butt Lift vs Traditional Butt Lift on thin female?

This is going to sound silly but how can you tell excess skin from fat?Ive read excess skinned people should get a blWhereas people with fat pockets... READ MORE

I've lost over 150 pounds and I have excess skin on my arms, thighs, stomach and a flat butt!! Any suggestions? (photos)

Is it absolutely necessary to have a tummy tuck in order for me to get a BBL( because i want my butt to have a nice shape to it) or can i just do a... READ MORE

Is it recommended to lose the most amount of weight possible before undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm not severely overweight (5'5" and 184 lbs and size 36DD breasts) but I don't want to be left with excess belly skin. READ MORE

What do I need to get rid of this skin? (Photos)

I hate it ima WL patient lost about 100 pounds I'm suppose to travel to Domnican republic to get tt, Lipo n BBL but I'm wondering do I have more skin... READ MORE

I don't plan on having a tummy tuck, I'm okay with excess skin for now (I haven't had kids and it would be pointless). (photos)

Will I be ok? Like I stated previously I'm ok with excess skin, I drink lots of water and plan on wearing garments pre-op to help with the skin... READ MORE

I don't know what is best for me , BBL or liposuction or tummy tuck? (Photo)

I just had a c section last year and even with diet and exercise my loose belly still potruding,, I have excess skin and belly fat that never go away.... READ MORE

BBL vs tummy tuck. 31yr female, 3 cesarians, 176lbs from 198lbs. (photo)

Would a bbl be more beneficial first rather than a tummy tuck? How much weight should I lose? I would like a more defined and volumous der·ri·ère. Bu... READ MORE

If you do a traditional butt lift (skin removed above the butt) after a BBL, how much of the fat injected in the BBL is lost?

I had a Brazilian butt lift / fat injections to the buttocks, 10 months ago. It wasn't nearly enough to fill the excess skin I had from massive weight... READ MORE

After having a tummy tuck with no lipo just muscles tightened and the access skin removed (photos)

How long do I have to wait in order to have lipo and BBL? Doctor insisted on saying I didn't need lipo but obviously you can see I needed it badly... READ MORE

Can fat from excessively large calves be transferred to the buttocks? (Photo)

I have gone from 247 lbs to 119 lbs. As a result, I have a lot of excess damage skin, but managed to regain some sort of sense to my figure through... READ MORE

I form Keloid scaring therefore surgery is worrisome. Have any advances been made in the area?

48 post 50lbs weight loss has left me with unpleasant extra skin. A modest amount around the waist and wrinkling upper leg.I think a Brazilian butt... READ MORE

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